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Amazon Prime Day Sale: Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022: Steal deals on mobiles

With great discounts, super redemption offers, and amazing savings on purchases, the most anticipated annual sale for Amazon Prime members has arrived. We simply could not keep these bids to ourselves because higher end items might be purchased on Amazon at a discount. Apple, Samsung, Redmi, Realme, Oppo, iQOO, One Plus, Xiaomi, and Tecno phones are among those brands that offer discounts and even introduce new models during the event.

Since the Prime Day sale only happens for 2 days, we’ve combined all mobiles with accurate details to make the buying process simple and quick for you. On top of lowering the price of these phones are offers such as “no cost” EMIs, exchange offers, 10% savings on bank cards and cash back offers. So why are you still waiting? Before we run out of stock, scroll down and buy your inexpensive smartphone from Amazon!

Mobile deals on the Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022 (July 23-24) – exclusively for Prime members
There are no EMI cost options exchange offers Up to 40% off bestsellers 10% savings on credit/debit cards

1. Apple smartphones

Apple smartphonesTeam production line

iPhones are another Apple device that is constantly in a class of its own. In September 2021, iPhone 13 series was announced with prices ranging from Rs. 79,990 rupees. 1,39,900. Prime sale is offering big discounts on these high end phones for 2 days only.
iPhone 13 series features macro photography with our most advanced dual camera setup ever. For better photos and videos, the wide camera can capture up to 2.2 times as much light. The only smartphone that allows to adjust the depth effect after shooting. Custom OLED technology delivers 25% brighter outdoor performance, and the ultra-fast A15 chip on the series improves your every action. Every interaction feels fresh due to the adaptive 120Hz Super Retina refresh screen. As the new powerhouse of the iPhone 13 variants, Apple has promised a significant improvement in battery life, which is indisputable.

2. Vivo iQOO smartphones

I live iQOO smartphonesTeam production line

iQOO, which stands for i Quest On and On, was founded in January 2019 as a division of smartphone maker Vivo. When features and pricing are taken into consideration, iQOO smartphones are incredibly powerful in every way. Take advantage of this Prime Day offer right away to save money on iQOO mobile phones.

iQOO7 rupee. 34,990 4.4/5 8 GB / 128 GB (Storm Black)
iQOO9 rupee. 49,990 4.1/5 12 GB / 256 GB (Phoenix)
iQOO 9 5G rupee. 54,900 4.1/5 12 GB / 256 GB (Legend)
iQOO 9 Pro 5G rupee. 79,990 4.1/5 12 GB / 256 GB (Legend)
iQOO 9 SE 5G rupee. 39,990 4.2/5 8 GB / 128 GB (Sunset Sierra)
iQOO Neo 6 5G rupee. 34,999 4.4/5 8 GB / 128 GB (dark nova)
iQOO Z3 rupee. 24,990 4.3/5 8 GB / 256 GB (Ace Black)
iQOO Z5 5G rupee. 29,990 4.2/5 8 GB / 128 GB (Mystic Space)
iQOO Z6 5G rupee. 19,999 4.1/5 4 GB / 128 GB (Raven Black)
iQOO Z6 Pro rupee. 29,990 4.3/5 8 GB / 128 GB (Legion Sky)

With over 25 million users worldwide, iQOO performs well with a very nice screen and smooth, lag-free operation that can easily last more than a day on a single charge. iQoo has released several smartphones in a range of price points with top-notch specs, excellent camera performance, best processors, fast charging times, 5G connectivity, and a solid build. The brand has established itself with the best premium mid-range smartphones, making it one of the fastest growing smartphone brands in 2021 and the number 1 smartphone brand in India in terms of consumer satisfaction.

3- OnePlus smartphones

OnePlus smartphonesTeam production line

OnePlus was founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of OPPO, and later emerged to carve out its niche in the smartphone industry as a separate company. OnePlus dominates the brand new market of affordable flagship smartphones. Use Prime Day Offers to buy these mobiles at discounted price instantly.
OnePlus is known for its range of affordable flagship gadgets, which over time have earned a reputation for being high-quality products. The Never Settle brand has unveiled many top-notch smartphones with competitive prices and flagship specifications. Additional models introduced later feature good display performance, powerful speakers, fast charging, a detailed camera experience, and a great user interface. The extra RAM in these phones can be partly attributed to performance or better than most flagship Android phones. Choose the perfect OnePlus smartphone and place the cheapest order online.

4. OPPO smartphones

Oppo smartphonesTeam production line

One of the select few companies, OPPO, broke into the offline industry with its entry into the Indian market. The company has released many mobile phones which not only have fashionable looks but also have advanced functions. Get the latest Oppo phones during the Prime Day sale period at a great price.

Oppo A15S phone rupee. 13990 4.3/5 4 GB / 64 GB (Rainbow Silver)
OPPO A31 rupee. 15990 4.2/5 6 GB / 128 GB (Dark Black)
OPPO A54 rupee. 14990 4.2/5 4 GB / 64 GB (Starry Blue)
Oppo A74 5G rupee. 20990 4.2/5 6 GB / 128 GB (Cool Purple)
Oppo F21 Pro rupee. 27999 4/5 8 GB / 128 GB (Sunset Orange)
Oppo F21 Pro 5G rupee. 31,999 4/5 8 GB / 128 GB (Rainbow Spectrum)

OPPO has identified the fine touchpoints where the Indian smartphone segment is most vibrant and has launched a series of phones that compete fiercely in the premium market. OPPO’s A series offers some excellent models with competitive specs for the budget segment, and the F series is known for its aesthetically designed and high-quality selfie cameras. The Oppo series represents the latest technological advances with a cutting-edge display, fast-performing processor, impressive flagship camera features and unwavering commitment to hearing what consumers have to say.

5. Samsung smartphones

Samsung smartphonesTeam production line

Being a giant in the field of mobile devices, Samsung has constantly managed to grab the spotlight with its high-end and entry-level smartphones. The brand is present in practically every price range, from feature phones in low-end devices to high-end flagship phones. At a great price, get the latest Samsung smartphones during the Prime Sale.
Samsung first established itself in India in the year 1995 and has since become a trusted name in mobile phones. One of the few companies, Samsung offers its customers the latest technology at different prices. Their mobile phones are of the highest standards as they have excellent features, premium design, and high-end hardware. In terms of the company’s smartphone selection, the Galaxy M series has several excellent value-for-money models targeting the Z generation, and the high-end Galaxy S series is packed with premium hardware and features.

6. Realme smartphones

Realme smartphonesTeam production line

In a short span of time, Realme, the fastest growing smartphone brand in India, has climbed into the top 5. Realme has launched a variety of series targeting different market segments. Get the latest Realme smartphones during the Prime Sale at an amazing price.
Realme, which started as a subsidiary of OPPO, has managed to capture a large portion of the Indian smartphone industry. Realme’s aggressive pricing and premium features help fuel its popularity. The Realme Narzo line targets those on a budget and focuses on great performance. It offers flagship-level features and specifications at a competitive price. Their smartphones feature lag-free performance, larger megapixels, bright images, large batteries as well as crisp, clear screens.

7. Tecno smartphones

Tecno smartphonesTeam production line

Tecno Mobiles was established in the year 2006 and in the year 2017 they launched another mobile phone brand in India – Itel. The pricing range of Tecno mobile phones is from Rs 5,000 to Rs 21,000 and more. Use Prime Day deals to buy these mobiles instantly at a discounted price.
The HiOS user interface, which is often based on the latest version of the Android operating system, is used by Tecno mobile phones. With features including entry-level MediaTek Helio or Unisoc CPUs, up to 3GB of RAM, up to 32GB of storage, dual rear cameras, HD+ displays, and other features, the company’s Sparkline is available in the sub-Rs 10,000 pricing range. Often offering the best features and specifications, the Tecno Pova series targets devices of Rs. 15,000 and above price range. It has features including an AMOLED display that can run at up to 120Hz, MediaTek Dimensity 900 series processor that supports up to 5G, AI triple cameras, virtual RAM support, fast charging solution, and more.

8. Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones

Xiaomi smartphonesTeam production line
Redmi smartphonesTeam production line

Xiaomi is a smartphone brand that debuted in the Indian market in 2016 and owns Redmi as a subsidiary. By launching a variety of phones with a high price-to-spec ratio, the manufacturer has cemented its position in the Indian smartphone industry. To save money on Xiaomi and Redmi mobile phones, take advantage of the Prime Day sale as soon as possible.

Redmi 9 is active rupee. 8799 4.2/5 4 GB / 64 GB (Carbon Black)
Redmi 9A Sport rupee. 6999 4.2/5 2 GB / 32 GB (Bright Blue)
Redmi 10 Power phone rupee. 14999 3.7/5 8 GB / 128 GB (Power Black)
Redmi 10 Prime phone rupee. 10999 4.1/5 4 GB / 64 GB (star white)
Redmi 10 Prime 2022 phone rupee. 10999 4.1/5 4 GB / 64 GB (star white)
Redmi 10A phone rupee. 9499 3.8/5 4 GB / 64 GB (Navy Blue)
Redmi K50 phone New launch
Redmi Note 10 Pro rupee. 15999 4.2/5 6 GB / 128 GB (Dark Night)
Redmi Note 10S phone rupee. 12999 4.2/5 6 GB / 64 GB (Cosmic Purple)
Redmi Note 10T 5G phone rupee. 11999 4.1/5 4GB / 64GB (Chrome White)
Redmi Note 11 rupee. 12999 4.1/5 4 GB / 64 GB (Horizon Blue)
Redmi Note 11 Pro phone rupee. 18999 3.9/5 6 GB / 128 GB (Stealth Black)
Redmi Note 11 Pro + 5G rupee. 18999 3.7/5 6 GB / 128 GB (Phantom White)
Redmi Note 11S phone rupee. 16,499 4/5 6 GB / 64 GB (Space Black)

In India, Mi is present in every price range be it entry level or premium segments. Mi Series is more than just a phone. With a powerful processor, professional-level optical image stabilization, Hi-Fi audio module and high-contrast passive LCD technology, it combines the latest technology available today. All of these features are bundled into the lightest, thinnest designs ever created. Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones are very popular in the Indian market due to their user-friendly interface and affordable costs.

In order not to miss out on the opportunity to save money, empty your shopping carts and add these cheap cell phones to your list. Deals like this don’t come around often. So get ready to shop right away.
Happy shopping!

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