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Smartphone-based solution for evaluating the Healthy Lung Bag Innovation Award

The 12th overall Anjani Mashelkar Award for Innovation has been awarded to Swaasa, an ultra-low-cost smartphone-based solution for detecting major respiratory disorders through audiological analysis of simple cough sounds.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the third leading cause of death worldwide, and India has the highest number of tuberculosis (TB) cases. In 2021 itself, India had 2 million cases of infection and nearly 0.5 million TB-related deaths. Lack of adequate knowledge of symptoms and the high cost of tests to diagnose COPD are also contributing factors to this problem.

Swaasa was developed by Narayana Rao Sripada, Founder and CTO of Salcit Technologies, and team members Venkat Yechuri and Manmohan Jain. Swaasa uses AI-driven technology to diagnose respiratory disorders at an operating cost of just Rs 1. It uses machine learning models to analyze cough sounds along with other information such as temperature, oxygen saturation, and symptoms to assess the functioning of the lungs. One has to cough into a smartphone, which completely eliminates the need for expensive equipment. Swaasa has benefited about 3,00,000 people across India.