Nomad Black Friday Deals

Save big on tech accessories at Nomad’s Everything Sale this Black Friday

With Black Friday sales well and already underway, deals from favorite brands are coming thick and fast. But most sales focus on discounting specific products. There’s always the one thing you really want that gets left out, right? Not with Bedouin. This tech accessories brand takes a different approach.

Instead of discounting individual items, Nomad goes all-out selling its products and calling them the Everything Sale. On this Black Friday deal, you’ll be able to Get 25% off all Nomad products when you order directly. You will not need to enter any codes, as discounts are applied automatically. In addition, if you order from the Outlet page with released products, you can save up to 90%.

With accessories for all of your favorite Apple gear, Nomad has something to offer everyone. You’ll find iPhone cases, Apple Watch straps, screen protectors, chargers, and even wallets from the brand. We’ve featured Nomad gear on both our list of the best iPhone 14 cases, and our list of the best Apple Watch straps.

With products designed for adventurers and modern nomads, quality is a key component of the brand’s products. The leather cases feature full grain, sustainable leather, and extremely durable rubber straps, and all chargers feature a clean, luxurious finish. Nomad products are some of our favourites, particularly the premium Base One Max Wireless Charger.