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OnePlus Oppo Chargers Assembled in the Box Remove Apple Samsung details

After Apple, Samsung and Google stopped bundling chargers in the box with their smartphones, Oppo and OnePlus are now likely to follow suit and remove bundled chargers from retail boxes in India, suggests a new leak from a well-known manufacturer.

According to a post on Twitter by leaker Mukul Sharma (@materialslists), both OnePlus and Oppo plan to ditch the charger. Al-Murshid’s sources seem to have confirmed the same. There has been no official communication from OnePlus or Oppo on this matter.

“[Exclusive] If my source is to be believed, OPPO and OnePlus will probably be removing chargers from their smartphone boxes soon in India,” Sharma tweeted.

While most Chinese smartphone manufacturers haven’t stopped providing bundled chargers yet, Realme did, earlier this year, offer a bundled charger in the box with the affordable Realme Narzo 50A Prime. This is a bit unusual as smartphone makers usually supply chargers in the box with budget models. Phone makers Xiaomi and Poco are still bundling chargers with their smartphone models released in the country.

Smartphone makers argue that eliminating bundled chargers is in order to reduce e-waste while also trying to increase their profit margins making it necessary for users to purchase chargers and accessories separately at an additional cost. Phone makers also got rid of the earphones bundled in the box a few years ago.

Meanwhile, India is set to adopt USB Type-C as a common charging port for small devices, Consumer Affairs Minister Rohit Kumar Singh said. This also means that Apple will not be able to sell its iPhone models in India if it does not accommodate the USB-C port. This also comes weeks after the European Union decided to pass rules to offer a common charger for small electronic devices.

There are no specific timelines for the implementation of the common charger rule for USB-C in India, but according to a report by The Economic Times, an industry executive has suggested that such changes may be imposed in India after the relevant EU law comes into force in Europe. However, there has been debate about the better lifespan of the Lightning ports over the Type-C ports as the latter is said to become loose with use.