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Getting ready for the holidays and some “spirited” shows

A little iPhone news, a look at holiday shopping and Apple, and some “pepper” shows from Apple TV+.

UBS: Low iPhone Expectations May Not Be Low Enough

So, this whole iPhone 14 Pro thing is starting to worry UBS analyst David Vogt. I mean, don’t worry, but… yeah.

Apple 3.0 He ran into part of a note written by Vogt, where he says the wait for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max has become “extreme.” I honestly haven’t been paying close attention for a while because the wait times were shorter. Then a COVID outbreak hit Foxconn’s iPhone City factory in Zhengzhou, workers started fleeing, Apple warned of long waits and now, here we are. Seriously – I had no idea how short the waiting times were. According to the note, Vogt wrote:

In the US, the wait time for the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max is now 34 days, up from ~7 days last week and 19 days 3 weeks ago while the wait time in China is finally 36 days, 10 days higher than last week.

Wait down to seven days? seriously?

UBS recently lowered its iPhone unit outlook thanks to the iPhone City closures/unrest. Despite this, Vogt believes that the 83 million units he’s lowered himself to may still be too high, even with the extra week in the December quarter this year.

He said all that he was not looking for the exit nor for the parachute. Mr. Vogt maintains a “buy” rating on shares of Apple. His target price on the stock remains $180.

As smartphones get stuck, the iPhone is well priced in China and Southeast Asia

When there are iPhones, the iPhone tends to crush them. It seems to have happened again recently in China and Southeast Asia. This is according to the results of two most notable companies 9to5Mac.

Figures for Southeast Asia come from Counterpoint Research. For the region, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, smartphone shipments were down 10% for the third quarter compared to the same quarter a year earlier, “but premium models grew 29% — and iPhone shipments were up 63%.”

Moving on to China, we turn to the numbers from Strategy Analytics. That company was looking specifically at Singles’ Day sales for the Middle Kingdom. As with the rest of the world, smartphone sales were down year-over-year, with 9/11 sales down 35%. While the iPhone did better, it also saw sales decline year-over-year, down 27%. However, it took first place that day, both in terms of units moved and revenue. According to the company, “Apple ranked first in terms of volume share (39%) and revenue share (68%) on Chinese brands’ expenditures.”

Apple authorized to sell 5G devices in Colombia

Apple could go back to selling 5G-enabled iPhones in Colombia. “For several months,” according to an article from Mac Observer, Apple issued an injunction preventing it from selling iPhones with 5G capability, including the latest iPhone 14 line. According to the report, this was all related to ongoing disputes with Ericsson over licensing and patent infringement. Quote TMO:

The dispute between Apple and Ericsson is ongoing in many countries. It all boils down to expired licensing agreements and the failure of the two companies to reach a new contract. In many countries, including the United States, trials will begin soon [in an attempt to settle] It’s once and for all.

Sounds like “Pistols at Dawn” stuff. No need for that in Colombia now. The article says the Colombian Court of Appeals has “agreed to invalidate” a preliminary injunction that prevented Apple from selling 5G products. Now the bottom line: Colombia’s cellular infrastructure does not support 5G. However, it appears that Apple has not been able to sell the iPhone 12, 13 or 14 there since April, when the injunction was issued. Because these phones support 5G, even if the country they are banned from does not support it.

Boy, this planet, right?

India is working towards USB-C as the standard charging port

A little “us-too” organization might be on the way from India. a piece of Mac rumors He says the country is following new rules that require USB-C to be the charging port standard for “electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.”

If this sounds familiar, it might as well be. Last month, the European Union passed legislation that will make USB-C the charging port standard for electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and speakers. For those devices, USB-C should be the thing by 2024, though computers have a little longer to include it. Assuming India doesn’t follow a strict timeline, Apple will probably be prepared for it. Mac rumors Says:

Apple’s vice president of global marketing, Greg Joswiak, said at a recent event that Apple will abide by the new EU law, indirectly confirming that the iPhone will adopt USB-C in the near future.

I headed to Holidaze

Apple announces a Black Friday gift card promotion

Apple announced its annual Black Friday deals in the US. It is scheduled to run from the day after Thanksgiving – Friday, November 25th through Monday, November 28th, a piece of Mac rumors The Cupertino company offers the usual round of gift cards with the purchase of the qualifier group. According to the report, most Apple merchandise, including iPhones and accessories, will get you a “gift card worth up to $50,” though big-ticket items like one of the different Mac models available can get you a gift card worth up to $250. . There is currently a link to the holiday shopping event on the front page of

Apple lists “to order” dates for Christmas delivery

If you want to put something Apple from Apple under the tree this year, the company has put together a list of what you should order when that happens. Camel He says the Cupertino crew has included “order by” dates to make sure they’ll be there by December 24.

If you’re ordering from Apple, it’s too late for the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max. I mentioned yesterday though that retailers including Target and BestBuy are showing some availability. You probably don’t want to wait that long for that.

Most other things Apple thinks you might want have an “Order By” date of December 21st. This includes the rest of the iPhone, Apple Watch, most Macs, most iPads, HomePod mini, and Apple TV. However, there are a few outliers. Just like last year, AirTags are giving up early. AirTag one or four embossed packs must be ordered by December 9th. AirTags without engraving can be ordered until December 14th to arrive on time. The iPad mini — engraved or not — must be ordered by November 30th. The rest of the various iPads and AirPods are on the map. You can find the full list of what to order when you visit the Apple website.

The redesigned is now available to everyone

The iCloud website got a new look this week. Camel He says is now full of customizable tiles. According to the site:

When people sign in to, they’ll see a set of boxes showing information about their iCloud profile, Apple Mail, Photos, and iCloud Drive. At the bottom, a button allows users to add, remove, or rearrange tiles based on other iCloud services.

Apple TV + Adds More Movies to ‘Rapid’ Movie

And finally today, that thing that Apple TV+ used to do — it’s doing it again Lusty. Lusty Will Farrell / Ryan Reynolds / Octavia Spencer comedy / musical Christmas carol. This is now streaming on Apple TV+. Starting (I think) with the Sidney Poitier documentary, Apple has been making relevant titles available to watch for a limited time at no additional cost to Apple TV+ subscribers. The tape added some of Sidney Poitier’s films to the documentary Sydney premiere. She added some Jennifer Lawrence when her movie bridge premiere. She added some workplace comedy when her Apple TV+ comedy series Misfired in the Workplace Legendary quest Its third season started last week. And now, you’re doing it again with Lusty.

When visiting the movie page on Apple TV+, subscribers find five movies available to watch at no additional cost for a limited time — four starring Farrell and one starring Reynolds. The five movies Old schoolAnd the AnchormanAnd the Semi-professionalAnd the Kicking and screamingAnd the from Wilder. Personally I wish dwarf And the miser, but you know. They are free. Well…available to watch at no additional cost for a limited time. Old school Available until December 17th. The remaining additional films are available during New Year’s Eve.

Today on the Mac Observer Daily Notes podcast:

bloomberg The publication of an opinion piece this week caused waves of negativity. TMO Managing Editor Jeff Potts and I talk about it. Plus – neat medical news associated with the already existing Apple devices. That’s it for today on the Daily Observations podcast from the Mac Observer.