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Top 10 non-smartphones to buy in 2022

With the costs of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and other top-tier smartphones soaring in 2022, tech consumers are beginning to rethink the value of using smartphones and non-smartphones as an affordable alternative. For example, the new Nokia 2780 Flip Phone is drawing rave reviews for offering customers long battery life, HD call quality, and easy-to-use accessibility features at a cost of just $90.

While non-smartphones are often geared towards older generations who don’t like the hustle and bustle of modern smartphone technology, the best phones to buy in 2022 tend to offer a variety of fashions and functions.

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Alcatel Go Flip 4

Alcatel Go Flip 4 is shown

When it comes to the best and least expensive (around $76) non-smartphone for senior phone users and kids specifically, the Alcatel GoFlip 4 is hard to beat. The GoFlip 4 is an efficient transition from your old basic cell phone to your new smartphone, and it comes with 4GB of RAM. gigabyte, supports 3G, and comes with some basic applications such as navigation and email, in addition to a 2-megapixel wide-angle camera.

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With a sleek, premium black design, large keyboard buttons, easy-to-grip edges, a powerful battery, and separate key functions, the Alcatel GoFlip 4 is compatible with all carriers, making it an ideal buy in 2022 no matter what cell phone service the customer is using.

Easyfone Prime A6 software

Easyfone Prime A6 appears

For those looking for a no-nonsense smartphone this Christmas, the Easyfone Prime A6 is a good choice. Pared down to feature the basic functions needed for simple phone calls and text messages, giant backlit buttons and number speaking features, large fonts, a large volume setting, and a rudimentary operating system make it extremely easy to use.

Moreover, Easyfone Prime A6 comes with a 1050mAh battery, simple charging stand and comes with basic apps like calculator, calendar, FM radio, alarm clock, audio player and a very cool SOS button for hearing impaired emergencies. . It even brings back a retro speed dial option, allowing users to preprogram up to eight phone numbers at once and access them with direct dialing.

Nokia 2780 Flip Phone

Shown is the Nokia 2780 Flip

While the Nokia 2760 Flip Phone is worthy, the new non-smartphone 2780 Flip is more ideal for use in 2022. For just $90, consumers can enjoy a 1,450mAh battery to hold nearly seven hours of talk time and about 20 hours of video playback. standby time, 512GB of internal storage, FM radio, audio playback, flashlight, and a 5MP rear camera to rival the best and most affordable camera phones.

All the specs and stats add up to create an easy-to-use, affordable cell phone that won’t bother users with endless buttons, distractions, flashy apps, and the like. Supportable with all major carriers and capable of storing up to 1000 contacts, Nokia 2780 is the best non-smartphone to use in 2022.

Nokia 225 4G

Shown is the Nokia 225 4G phone

For non-smartphone users who don’t like the foldable phone functionality, most of them agree that Nokia 225 4G is one of the best budget candy bar alternatives. For under $50, users can find the same excellent battery power and lasting durability as most Nokia models at a fraction of the cost.

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With six hours of talk time and 20 hours of standby time, the Nokia 225 4G is ideal for those who want to limit the many smartphone distractions while still enjoying some modern perks like FM radio, Facebook and YouTube. While the texting feature leaves something to be desired, the bare essentials of cell phone tech come in one neat, non-flip form.

Nokia 3310 3G

Nokia 3310 models shown

Continuing its reign as the 3rd generation leader nearly a decade after almost everyone on Earth owned a phone, the Nokia 3310 remains an ideal non-smartphone option in 2022. It’s incredibly easy to make and answer calls, read and write texts, and even Listen to basic mp3 audio files.

While many modern non-smartphones are aimed at older consumers who don’t like the flashy trinkets of smartphone technology, the Nokia 3310 has smaller buttons and is more cramped, making it more ideal for kids in remote places than older people at home. With a 2MP camera and 6.5 hours of talk time, the Nokia 3310 3G is the perfect phone bridge between the past and the present.

Doro 7010 Dual Sim

The Doro 7010 is shown

With visual and easy-to-reach Call, Play, and Send menu buttons, an advanced response button that can be paired with hearing aids, and crystal clear sound while listening to calls, the Doro 7010 Dual Sim is taking the market by storm. With seven hours of talk time and 330 hours of standby time, the Doro 7010 is also compatible with 3G and 4G Wi-Fi.

However, what really sets the Doro 7010 apart is the ability to use Facebook, WhatsApp, and other free apps Android can’t, two ubiquitous apps that most older generations have adopted for everyday use. Moreover, the extra-large 2.8-inch color display makes sifting through images easier and more enjoyable.

Doro 708X

The Doro 708X is shown

If the Doro 7010 Dual Sim is too fancy, try the Doro 708X as a simpler alternative to the mystery phone. With stripped-down keyboard functionality that includes A, B, and C speed-dial buttons and a space to add a matching name, the days of memorizing numbers or endlessly sifting through contacts are long gone.

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Furthermore, the Doro 708X allows users to receive text messages but not be able to send them, which is ideal for those with amnesia or lack of skill. Perhaps ideal for older phone users, the Doro 708X comes with an advanced response button on the back to alert and display the phone’s physical location.

Inmarsat IsatPhone 2.1.2 Update

ISatPhone 2.1 is shown

For those looking for an excellent non-smartphone with the best reception in remote locations, settle for nothing else than the Immarsat IsatPhone 2.1. A great satellite phone is big and bulky, but it will allow users to stay in touch with friends and family in places no other cell phone can go.

For Luddites, the lack of distracting apps, cameras, and data transfer gives way to up to eight hours of talk time and 160 hours of standby time, perfect for adventurers on the go. With Gorilla Glass and a reflective display, IsatPhone comes with an emergency SOS button and GPS location sharing options that will keep consumers as safe as possible.

Sonim XP3 Plus

The SonimXP3 Plus is seen on the ground

In terms of the most rugged and physically reliable smartphone with the best battery life, the SonimXP3 Plus is the king of the block. Extremely durable design, large 2300mAh Li-ion battery allows up to 15 hours of talk time and 440 hours of standby time. Between its easy user interface and 3-year warranty, it’s hard to find a more durable dumbbell phone in 2022.

With Wi-Fi connectivity to include up to eight hotspots, hearing aid compatibility, LED Torchlight, an 8MP camera to rival the best and most affordable camera phones, FM radio, and various audio and video formats, the SonimXP3 is the most versatile. Rugged non-smartphones in the market in 2022.

Item MP02

The Punkt MP02 is shown

For total “digital detoxers” looking to get back to the analog days of basic phone use, the Punkt MP02 has everyone’s needs covered. The sharp minimalist design is intentionally intended to welcome those who are overwhelmed by the business of modern smartphones despite their 4G compatibility.

Designed with minimalist simplicity by Jasper Morrison, the MP02 balances fashion and functionality with its concise layout and simple menu options. With clear and concise Up, Down, Select, Go, Phonebook and Text buttons, the MP02 is also designed with customer privacy and security in mind, allowing for complete digital autonomy in 2022.

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