There is now a Backbone One version for Android mobile players

Backbone has finally released its popular device and app Backbone One for Android users to help them enjoy the latest gaming experiences on the go.

Backbone One was originally released for the growing number of iPhone users who enjoy the latest games on the go.


Earlier this year, the company also released a special edition Backbone One in partnership with Sony PlayStation.

But now, it’s time for Android users to get in on the game.

Backbone One Android Edition is compatible with most Android phones from Samsung, Google and many more and connects via USB-C.


Users can snap their mobile phone into the Backbone One to enjoy physical quality controls while playing their favorite Google Play Store games or console-enabled streaming service including Xbox GamePass Ultimate.

The Backbone One can also be used as a standalone console by simply plugging a USB-C cable into the Backbone One and connecting it directly to a PC, Mac, or tablet.


The Backbone One is $179.99 (the same price as the iPhone version) and will go on sale in the coming weeks, and if you order today, you should get it before Christmas.

Key Features

Easy games – Simply hold your mobile and enjoy console quality controls while playing your favorite Google Play Store games (Call of Duty: Mobile, Diablo Immortal and more) or streaming service that supports consoles including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Nvidia GeForce Now on Along by streaming directly to your phone from your Xbox or PC.

– Universal compatibility – The Backbone One for Android is compatible with most Android phones from Samsung, Google, and more.

– Fast shipping pass by – Backbone features the latest USB-C technology that allows users to take advantage of their phones’ fast charging capabilities on supported devices to drain their battery quickly during a gaming session.


– Play on any screen – Use the Backbone One as a controller by plugging a USB-C cable into the Backbone and connecting directly to a PC, Mac, or iPad.

– Early access to the spine app Backbone is a top 50 app in its category on the App Store. Now, it is available on Google Play. Backbone is your gaming destination – the feature-rich mobile gaming home with over 20 unique features. Record and share gameplay, group up with friends, and start your favorite games, all from one place.