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The village of Yaftal bans the use of mobile phones by children

A village in Yavatmal district in western Vidarbha district of Maharashtra state has banned the use of mobile phones by those under the age of 18.

The decision was taken in the village of Gram Sabha in Pansi village under the leadership of Posad Tehsil as the children became addicted to watching games and browsing websites that are not fit to watch.

Gajanan Tale, Sarpanch Bansi Gram Panchayat, said all parents were asked to make their children follow the ban strictly.

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Thiel claimed that an official resolution banning cell phones for children under the age of 18 had been unanimously approved.

According to Sarpanch, the children of the village school are addicted to mobile phones.

We know there will be implementation difficulties. But we will remove these problems through consultation. They will have to be punished for violating the decision. But the villagers unanimously supported this decision.”

β€œIn the beginning, we will advise them, and if we fail to reach our goal, we will impose a penalty,” Thiel said, adding that the exact amount of the penalty has yet to be determined.