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Finally, Qualcomm’s Apple M1/M2 competitor is on the way: Orion

Qualcomm’s next-generation PC chips will be launched in 2024 and are set to bring the belated battle to Apple regarding the performance of ARM-based PC chips. The CPU itself is codenamed Oryon, but it won’t be in device makers’ hands until next year.

Of course, it could be looking at Apple releasing the M3 by 2024, not to mention filling out the M2 range with more options like the M2 Pro and M2 Max in 2023.

The Qualcomm chip is based on the technology (and people) it acquired by buying startup Nuvia, which in turn was founded by engineers who worked on projects including the original Apple Silicon chips.

Qualcomm’s Gerard Williams — formerly of Nuvia — said onstage at the company’s Snapdragon Summit event that the new CPU core is part of the company’s single-architecture strategy, so it will appear in products across mobile, computing, XR, and more. “We designed a new, custom CPU core to unlock a new level of performance,” says Williams. “This pioneering technology will usher in a new class of incredibly powerful and efficient devices.”

Qualcomm Orion

Qualcomm’s Windows on Snapdragon has improved, but it still lags behind competitors in external performance, while application compatibility is still a serious issue with Windows on Snapdragon.

We already knew this platform was on the way, but we also had some details Thanks to the leaks That actual next-generation Windows on Snapdragon is codenamed Hamoa and is based on Nuvia’s original Phoenix design. This chip had a similar design and configuration to the Apple M1 plus with support for dedicated graphics. Rumors also suggest that the chip will have 12 cores including 8 performance and four efficiency cores.

One company that isn’t too happy with the work being done here is ARM which has begun suing Qualcomm over its adaptation of Nuvia’s designs. Very strange, since all of these chips are based on ARM designs in some way.

Qualcomm Orion

Kedar Kondap, head of product management for computing products at Qualcomm just says that “Oryon will raise our performance and our CPU performance, and it will be used in many companies within Qualcomm. Beyond that, we’re not commenting at this time, not much is coming on the platform.” which will use the appropriate CPU.

“We’ve talked about the fact that we’ll be sampling our platform by the end of this year and we’ll have an inflection point in 2024…you’ll see it launched at scale.”

A Qualcomm spokesperson wouldn’t be drawn into any further details: “The only thing I can share is that the CPU was powered by nuvia engineers at Nuvia. Oryon is a custom CPU finished and completed by Qualcomm. All employees are Qualcomm employees.” “.

Qualcomm also talked a lot about the artificial intelligence on the device, which it also talked about during the recent launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 with the SQ3 processor designed by Qualcomm. Qualcomm believes AI “will matter” in terms of the potential advantage its chips have over its competitors.