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5G readiness among consumers is high in India: study


5G technology is no longer foreign to Indians, at least to a large part of the population, despite it being in its early days. A recent survey found that 52% of Indians are aware of 5G technology and it is being rolled out in the country, with 24% intending to switch to 5G phones soon and 7% having already purchased it, intending to go to India. 5G readiness among consumers is ‘high’ in India.

The Consumer Confidence Index (CSI) report by Axis My India, a consumer data intelligence consultancy, for November shows that 61% engage with the internet daily and 23% use it to ‘chat’ via WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, etc. The research also shows that 21% of households have increased their media consumption (TV, Internet, radio, etc.), up 2% from the previous month. Furthermore, 55% intend to watch the T20 World Cup, 69% would prefer to watch the T20 World Cup on TV, and 28% would watch it on their phones – with many already optimistic that the use of 5G will enhance these experiences.

In terms of mobile phone preferences, the survey conducted via computer-assisted telephone interviews with a sample size of 10,207 people across 32 states and UTs, found that 15% consider RAM the most prominent feature during their purchase while 14% consider the brand And the price of the device as important parameters. She said camera quality was an important concern for 11%.


“Increasing reliance on the Internet has impacted all areas of consumer life. From chatting to communication, expression and viewing now, the Internet has evolved to cater to all consumers’ needs and will continue to do so in the future with the advent of 5G,” said Pradeep Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director, Axis My India, in a statement.

“From adapting newer patterns of media consumption such as watching the World Cup on the phone to having various other forms of user experience enabled online, 5G will only continue to shape consumer behavior,” he added.

Not only did the new research, from a September 2022 study by Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson, in the second quarter of 2022, consumer intent to upgrade to 5G in urban areas in India is twice as high as in markets like the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom. The United States is where 5G has already been launched.


Over the past two years, India has seen a triple increase in the number of smartphone users who own a 5G-enabled phone. The study revealed that more than 100 million users with 5G-ready smartphones would like to upgrade to a 5G subscription in 2023 while more than half of them are open to upgrading to a higher data tier plan in the next 12 months.

The superiority of the 5G network could emerge as a driver of consumer loyalty with 59% of smartphone users intending to upgrade to 5G in the first 12 months. According to Ericsson, 5G will improve network satisfaction in India, especially for the gaming experience. Seven out of 10 current smartphone users are looking to improve the quality of streaming video once they switch to 5G.

Also, both studies agreed that 5G-ready users already engage in the use of more digital services than 4G users and that G will lead to an increase in consumption of HD video streaming, new format and cloud gaming, they said.


“The move to 5G provides an opportunity for service providers in India to strengthen their position in the consumer market, with a focus on 5G quality and availability,” noted Jasmeet Sethi, Head of Consumer Lab, Ericsson. “More innovative experiences need to be compiled to meet the expectations of early adopters to successfully monetize 5G technology,” said Sethi.