Samsung Electronics Places in Top Five Global Brands 2022 List – Adaderana Biz English

Samsung Electronics was recently recognized by Interbrand, a global brand consulting firm, as one of the top five brands in the Best Global Brands 2022. Each year, Interbrand announces the world’s top 100 brands, and the value of the brand is evaluated. Samsung business with $87.7 billion, which is up 17% compared to $74.6 billion in 2021, making the company the fifth for three years in a row.

The achievement was based on Samsung’s restored financial performance, which is now close to pre-pandemic levels, and higher memory demand due to increased data usage. In 2021, Samsung recorded a brand value growth of 20% compared to 2020, and this year, it continues to grow in double digits. Samsung first entered the top 10 in 2012, at number nine, and has managed to move up the chart each year, reaching number six in 2017 and number five in 2020.

“Samsung Electronics has been able to record two consecutive years of double-digit growth in brand value, all thanks to the support from our global customers,” said YH Lee, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Electronics. “In return, the entire company will work together as a team to provide a better and more satisfying customer experience.”

At the end of 2021, Samsung Electronics merged its SET division and created the Hardware Experience division to increase synergy between its products and provide the next level of experience for customers. Moreover, Samsung has also launched Customer Experience – Multi-Device Experience Center to enhance the multi-device connectivity experience.

Along with these actions, Samsung has integrated SmartThings across its product categories, creating an end-to-end ecosystem and multi-device experience. SmartThings also empowers consumers to get the most out of their Samsung devices, as well as third-party products they may already own.

In addition, Samsung’s Next Generation Lab was created to foster real conversations about next generation activities. Ideas from the lab have been applied to products and marketing activities.

In addition to innovative products based on consumer experiences, the development of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, automobiles, and robotics through continuous investment has also played a role in Samsung’s growth.

Samsung mobile phones were recognized for camera innovation for the Galaxy S22 series based on customer insights, launching the Nightography campaign, cementing leadership in the foldable mobile category, partnering with Google and Microsoft to enhance users’ connected experience and respecting the value of user security and privacy through Samsung Knox.

The network was recognized for leading the network innovation path in virtualization and openness with extensive commercial expertise, driving the 5G industry with its market-leading 5G portfolio from RAN and Core to automation tools and fulfilling the ESG commitment through smart grid solutions for energy efficiency.

Visual Display has been recognized for continuing to innovate premium TVs, including Micro LED and Neo QLED 8K/4K, enhancing its product portfolio based on customers’ lifestyles, such as The Frame and The Freestyle and bringing new gaming experiences to consumers, including Samsung Gaming Hub and Odyssey Ark.

Home Appliances has been recognized for expanding bespoke product categories beyond the kitchen to the whole home including Garment Care, Floor Care, and Air Care, and for delivering sustainability values ​​through its products (achieving a high level of energy savings rating for key products, guaranteed digital inverter compressor warranties, and reduced emissions Microplastics from Washers in association with Patagonia) and creating excitement among Bespoke fans through engagement-focused online and offline campaigns.

Semiconductor has been recognized for its investment in next-generation technologies and production capabilities to ensure a stable supply for cutting-edge applications (construction of a new $17 billion manufacturing line in Texas, a KRW 20 trillion R&D park in Gihong), and for delivering industry-leading semiconductor innovations that enhance performance product and energy efficiency (industry-first 3nm GAA mass production), developing innovative memory solutions to address explosive growth of data-intensive tasks in areas such as AI and ML (CXL memory, HBM-PIM, second generation SmartSSD), expanding strategic partnerships to meet new industry challenges and drive Logical solutions frontier that can deliver improved user experiences and new opportunities (5G Exynos Modem, Exynos 2200, 200MP ISOCELL HP3)

Interbrand’s top global brands are listed according to each brand’s value assessment, which is the result of a comprehensive analysis of the company’s financial performance, brand impact on customer purchases and brand competitiveness.