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Monetization of 5G mobile cloud games

Mobile cloud gaming market segments

The 5G mobile cloud gaming offering is strongest in the casual and regular gaming segments.

Although it is generally centered around reliability, the suggestion of chipping is uneven across player sectors. The sporadic market caters to casual players (2-5 hours per week) and casual players (up to 2 hours per week), and the intense market caters to regular players (5-15 hours per week) and hardcore gamers who play more than 15 hours per week.

As shown above, we find that shredding has the greatest potential for both casual and casual gamers. What matters most in terms of performance requirements is the type of game being played – for example, real-time multiplayer games such as first-person shooters like Counter-Strike and car racing games require low latency and low jitter.

Slicing provides a guaranteed high-quality experience without having to invest in expensive additional equipment such as PCs or gaming consoles, as well as reliability on the go. There will also be the ability to easily spin up and down high-quality service, perhaps not long-term contracts.