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A man shares phone designs from the 2000s in a viral Twitter thread

Long before touchscreen smartphones took over the world, people used Nokia, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson phones with all those buttons we actually pressed. They came in small rectangular screens and were the best you can buy.

While cell phones now come in all shapes and sizes, they don’t feel the same.

The man shares phone designs from the 2000s in a Twitter thread

In the early 2000s, designs were loved, but now they can look weird. A Twitter thread that is now going viral and making people feel nostalgic. A user named Gerry McBride shared photos of various phone designs from the early 2000s.

“After the early brick but before smartphones, there’s been a stretch where phone design has become quite flashy,” the user wrote while sharing a strange-looking mockup of a Nokia phone.

“This thing was perfect if you had to take pictures of Russian documents while undercover in Moscow, yeah also this has a tag on it like a T-shirt,” a Twitter user wrote while sharing a bizarre model.

Again – this is the phone I have, Sony Ericsson W995. Nothing really unusual about it, keyboard slide out etc, but it had a little kickstand that lets you prop it up for watching videos! Isn’t that a thing?! That’s innovation now?! said the user.

“I had another 3310 and then I went to the Sharp GX10, and I think I was a bit fidgety with that thing. Yeah, it takes pictures. Color pictures. Watch, just stand there..don’t move. Okay, two seconds, don’t move. Don’t skimp, I’ve moved on.” Well, yes, it moved!”

“What am I missing? Let me know. Anyway, I miss phones with moving parts. Maybe that’s why I always get a cover for my iPhone that makes it look like a little leather book/wallet,” the user wrote when asking other users to share their phone designs .

Twitter users shared the old phones they own

People shared their old phones.

“Working at Nokia in this era was incredibly fun. People sometimes (legitimately) make fun of those wild designs but miss that the company was a powerhouse in engineering and supply chain. So many mobile technologies first fell behind those crazy designs, and for millions Persons said one user.

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