Twitter employees fired

Twitter employees who have been fired from tweeting; Others can get stock. High risk ads

A number of Twitter employees were fired in tweets by the company’s new owner, Elon Musk. The billionaire was clearly not happy with the fact-checking in public by his engineers…

Twitter employees fired from tweets

Engadget Reports at least three examples.

At least three Twitter employees who survived mass layoffs that halved the company’s workforce have been fired after their new boss was called out on the platform. One of them is Eric Fronhofer, who responded to Elon Musk’s tweet apologizing for Twitter being slow in many countries. “The application performs >1000 poorly aggregated RPC attempts just to display a home timeline!” Musk Books. fronhofer answered that after six years working on Twitter for Android, he can say Musk’s statement is “wrong.”

Then a multi-company executive Requested What’s the correct number and what did it do to fix Twitter for Android, which was “extremely slow”. Respond to the work his team has done for the app and included Some reasons why it’s slow: “First, it’s full of features that get little use. Second, we’ve accumulated years of tech debt where we’ve traded speed and features for performance. Third, we spend a lot of time waiting for network responses.”

Their exchange went on several threads, and when a user told Frohnhoefer that he should have privately reported to his boss, answered: “Maybe he should ask the questions in private. Maybe using Slack or email.” After that, Musk informed everyone on Twitter that Fronhoefer had been fired.

said the former Twitter application engineer Forbes that he had not received any communication from Twitter about his dismissal and that his laptop “just shut down”.

Musk since then Delete his tweet.

Two other senior engineers had the same experience after publicly correcting Musk’s claims.

Exceptional employees can still get inventory

Although Musk is 100% owned by the company, and shares cannot be purchased, he said that “extraordinary” employees can still be given shares in the company. CNBC See the memo.

Even though Twitter is now a private company, we will certainly continue to provide stock and options as part of our ongoing compensation plan.

The equity plan will be very similar to that of SpaceX, which has been very successful. As with SpaceX, exceptional amounts of inventory will be awarded for exceptional performance.

The world’s largest agency says Twitter ads are high risk

The world’s largest ad agency, GroupM, has warned clients that buying ads on Twitter puts their brands at risk of damage, according to reports. Curriculum.

GroupM, the world’s largest media buying agency, with annual media spending of $60 billion, told its clients that Twitter was a high-risk media buy, according to Digiday and an email obtained by Platformer. Twitter’s agency partnerships lead explained the situation in Slack: “Due to the recent departure of senior officials in key operational areas (specifically Security, Trust, Safety, and Compliance), GroupM has updated our Twitter Brand Security Guidelines to High Risk. While they are aware that our policies remain However, they feel that Twitter’s ability to quickly scale and manage wrongdoing is uncertain at this time.”

Major brands — including General Motors, Pfizer, Volkswagen, Eli Lilly and T-Mobile — had already pulled millions of dollars in advertising from Twitter before the warning. Two major ad agencies, Mediabrands and Omnicom Media Group, have also advised their clients to pull ads from Twitter.

GroupM has put together a comprehensive list of things you may need to see before it recommends purchasing ads on Twitter. This serves almost exclusively to undo changes Musk has made to the platform.

  • Go back to the basic levels of NSFW/toxic conversation on the platform
  • Reassembly of senior IT security, privacy, trust and safety staff
  • Create internal checks and balances
  • Full transparency in future development plans for community guidelines / content moderation / anything that affects user security or brand integrity
  • A demonstrated commitment to effective content moderation, and enforcement of existing Twitter rules (such as account impersonation, timing for removal of offending content, and zero tolerance for hate speech and misinformation)”

Musk ignored verification warnings

the edge Reports indicate that Musk’s trust and safety team sent him a seven-page list of warnings about what would happen if he made the blue check mark something anyone could buy.

“Ethic fraudsters/bad actors may be willing to pay…to take advantage of incremental amplification to achieve their ends as their upside exceeds cost,” reads the document’s first recommendation, which the team named “P0” to denote a concern in the higher risk category.

The team found that “impersonation of world leaders, advertisers, brand partners, election officials and other high-profile individuals” is another P0 risk. “Legacy verification provides an important signal in enforcing impersonation rules, the loss of which is likely to lead to an increase in the impersonation of high-profile accounts on Twitter.”

Twitter reportedly did not implement any of the recommendations made by the team to mitigate the damage.

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