Top 5 things worth buying on Black Friday in 2022

Filipovic018 / Getty Images / iStockphoto

Filipovic018 / Getty Images / iStockphoto

COVID-19 has forced retailers to expand their bulk holiday sales and discounts throughout the season to keep up with both the competition and the evolving expectations of their customers. Although this new dynamic has outpaced the pandemic, Black Friday remains the biggest shopping holiday of the year.

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In preparation for what’s still the official launch of the holiday shopping season, now’s the time to sift through which items tend to be the cheapest the day after Thanksgiving and start looking specifically for the best deals of 2022.

Just like Black Fridays past, tech is shaping up to be the hot season ticket — but this year it’s bringing some great deals on electronics and beyond.


If your TV’s blacks aren’t as deep as they used to be and your colors aren’t as rich as they should be, Black Friday might be the time to upgrade.

“This is one of the biggest categories we see deals around Black Friday and it’s often one of the most popular items consumers shop for during the holiday,” said Julie Rumhold, consumer analyst with DealNews.com. We’re seeing some of the best prices of the year around Black Friday, as well as a great selection of TVs in general, so it’s easy for consumers to find the right size and price for their needs. Already this year we’ve seen a 75-inch Samsung for $580 and LG 70-inch for $550, both of which are excellent deals for branded sets this size.”

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As in years past, shoppers can expect the day after Thanksgiving to bring some of the hottest laptop deals of the year.

“This is another huge category for Black Friday, especially since the only other time of the year we see a lot of standout deals is Back to School,” said Rumhold. “Black Friday is good for laptop shopping because we see a huge range of devices on sale for various purposes, from Chromebooks for under $99 to budget devices around $250, to mid-level business-built devices for around $500. The best of the best That said, gaming hardware comes at great prices too, so it’s one of the best times of the year to find a laptop that’s exactly what you need at a price that fits your budget.”

fall clothes

Savvy shoppers know to buy clothes out of season—sleeveless shirts and flip-flops in the winter, and hats and gloves in the summer. When it comes to fall clothing, the off-season is almost out-of-season enough.

“Black Friday is getting decently close to the official start of winter, which may be why we’re seeing such great prices on typical fall pieces,” said Rumhold. “For example, things like jackets, denim, boots, and even some jackets and coats will be part of a lot of clothing sales, which can take anywhere from 50% to 70% or more.”

Nordstrom, for example, launches its Black Friday apparel deals on November 18th. Macy’s advertises discounts on clothing in the 50%-70% range described by Rumhold, as does Gap.


Several major retailers have already begun slashing prices on portable mobile devices — and the deals will only get more attractive as November draws to a close.

Like other electronics, Black Friday is usually a good time to shop for tablets, especially if you’re looking at iPads. Either way, we tend to see deep discounts from electronic stores like Best Buy during this time, but also big box stores like Target. It tends to offer some great deals, too.”

Here are a few of the hottest deals on tablets and e-readers, according to TheBlackFriday.com:

  • Walmart: 32GB Lenovo Tab M8 Gen 3 for $79, down from $119.

  • kohl: Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet 32GB for $44.99, down from $89.99.

  • Sam’s Club: 64GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with wifi, S Pen, and book cover for $279.98, down from $379.98.

smart phones

Tablets aren’t the only mobile devices to be identified. Retailers are lowering the prices of smartphones, too.

“Whether you want last year’s models or the latest and greatest, Black Friday is when we see some of the best deals on these items,” said Rumhold. “If you want to get the latest releases, those may not see explicit discounts, but they tend to be combined with gift cards which make the prices much better, especially if you already use gift cards because they are often worth hundreds of dollars. For older models, that might It’s bundled with gift cards too, or we might see unlocked models at very generous discounts.”

Amazon already has several direct deals, including:

  • Moto G Stylus 5G for $199, down from $399

  • Google Pixel 6 Pro for $646, down from $899

  • SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 4 for $1,455.88, down from $1,799.99

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