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The former HTC design chief who oversaw the classic M7 and M8 smartphones is now working on Beats and other Apple products

HTC’s rise and fall is a particularly sad story. Once the pinnacle of Android smartphone design, the company is now a shadow of its former self after being swept away by Samsung and others. In particular, the HTC M7 and HTC M8 were iconic designs that have stood the test of time and still look great today. In fact, some commented at the time how special those designs were like Apple.

HTC’s chief designer at the time, Scott Crowell, was hired by Apple last year though it’s not clear what role he had. It has now been revealed that Croyle is now the design director at Beats, working on future headphones. Ironically, HTC owned the controlling stake in Beats and the M7 smartphone came out with sound tuned by Beats. It even had the Beats branding on the back of the device, something Apple has avoided doing with its iPhones.

Apple of course continued to buy Beats and now Croyle finds himself doing the design work on the Beats headphones side. Croyle is also apparently working on some unspecified Apple products as well, but it wouldn’t be surprising if these were future Apple-branded earphones including the rumored AirPods and AirPods Pro update. Even if HTC’s best days are behind it, it’s nice to know that its former talent is still making its mark.

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