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Ringxiety and mobile phones

Ringxiety and mobile phones

Ringxiety is a kind of feeling or sensation that you often feel and hear wrongly that your mobile phone is ringing or vibrating

A message from Bashir Ahmed on Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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This is a new term, a new concept that was devised and coined in 2006. Actually this term Ringxiety is a combination of two simple words, i.e. ring plus anxiety. This word appeared after the invention of the mobile phone and has become a part of our lifestyle. In fact, Ringxiety is a kind of sensation or sensation that you feel and often hear by mistake that your mobile phone is ringing or vibrating. This kind of feeling is experienced when the level of addiction to such tools rises and reaches a level where one detaches from the physical settings that surround one and seems to live in a world that lacks real reality.

The discoveries and inventions that are often made easily have made our lives worth living and enjoyable on the one hand, and on the other hand have sometimes proved destructive if not used in a wise and desirable manner. The same is the case with this miraculous invention. I mean this mobile phone. Her invention is really cool and incredible. With the arrival and initiation of this mobile phone – the lifestyle of human beings has undergone a drastic change. When I say change, it can be positive and it can also be negative. The same is the case with this miraculous and wonderful invention. Humans have been left in a bind, in a dilemma or more appropriately in a situation of capture 22.

We find ourselves unable to decide how to use this mobile phone wisely, when to use it, how much to use it, and which is most convenient without knowing much about the do’s and don’ts. As a result, this remarkable invention proved to be a double-edged sword. Even the educated and so-called learned people became so addicted to its use that they found themselves in an embarrassing position as to what might be its reasonable use and not to speak of laymen. As far as I have seen and observed I feel strongly that its application and use has been proven to be harmful and somewhat harmful and then it bears fruit. Apart from its usual bad effects like poor vision, lack of concentration, anxiety, isolation, loss of sleep and many other aspects, it has now taken a horrific shape by adding and doubling the volume of cybercrime thus introducing a new version of challenges for the young and subsequent generations.

I believe that the need of the hour is to think, see and understand how its harmful and destructive effects can be minimized and eliminated in general, and in particular how this young generation can be saved from this disastrous type of situation. In fact, we cannot completely refuse to use it. It’s a huge blessing in itself, too. As we pointed out earlier, it is one of the miraculous inventions – ever made by humans. There is no denying the fact of that. But as long as it is used judiciously, within certain limits and standards – it will behave like an honest servant. But the same when used inappropriately and improperly becomes a bad master and a curse.

If we want to be on an equal footing with others, we will have to move accordingly taking into account all the positive and negative consequences. Parents and teachers have a big role to play in this regard. They will have to share and take the main responsibility and make their kids understand the side effects of excessive mobile phone usage. As mentioned earlier, the mobile phone is a miraculous invention and can certainly prove to be a good partner, good co-worker, and a skilled mentor provided it is used wisely and intelligently.

(The author is a teacher at Sazan State Secondary School, Doda).