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Ready alert sends a national test of Canadian smartphones on Wednesday

RT5 5420 Retractable Smart Phone TetherYour phone will explode on Wednesday. Not in the literal sense, but in the sense of “you have an incoming message”.

Provincial and territorial emergency management organizations will issue public test letters through Alert Ready.

“The test sound will simulate an emergency alert, starting with an alert tone, known as the Canadian Beep. The message will indicate that it is a test and does not require action from the public,” Alert Ready said in a press release.

Exams are held twice a year, during the Emergency Preparedness Week in May and the third week of November.

says Martin Belanger, director of public alerting at Pelmorex Corp., operator of the technology infrastructure for Ready to Alert known as the National Alert Collection and Deployment System.

Alert Ready allows provincial, territorial and federal public safety officials to issue important safety alerts to the public. Because of the importance of warning Canadians of an imminent threat to the safety of life or property, Canadians do not have the option to opt out of actual testing or alerts distributed through Alert Ready.

Those who want to check the compatibility of their devices before testing Wednesday can do so by contacting their wireless carrier or by visiting alertready.ca.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story said the test was taking place on a Thursday. It will happen on Wednesday, November 15, 2022.