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Nokia 4G with TWS earbuds inside! Check out the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio

The Nokia 5710 XpressAudio harks back to XpressMusic phones or years past with a twist – it has a pair of TWS earbuds inside!

Nokia may not make the coolest Android smartphones anymore, but when it comes to feature phones, the HMD Global team sure knows how to spice up these “dumb” phones. At its latest event, Nokia just launched three feature phones, one of which caught our attention. It’s called the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio and it’s very reminiscent of the Nokia XpressMusic phones of the past. At first glance, the phone looks like just another feature phone, except for the fact that it hides a pair of TWS earbuds inside!

Yes, in an era when phone makers are ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack, here comes Nokia with a phone that has a TWS earphone charger built right into it. Users will need to flip it over and pull the sliding cover down to reveal the TWS earbuds comfortably housed inside the phone. The earphones obviously rely on Bluetooth for pairing, and they seem like a simple pair of earphones. The phone comes in black and white, and the same theme applies to the earphones.

Nokia 5710 XpressAudio makes us want feature phones

The phone gets a 2.4-inch color display and sticks to a T9 keyboard. Music playback buttons are located along the edges of the screen, just like the old Nokia music phones. The phone has a simple red lining on the back to express the intent of the music. You even get a 0.3MP rear camera, which may not satisfy the shutter bug but might be enough to let you capture a moment.

Nokia is based on the old Symbian S30+ OS, which means you can say goodbye to apps and all other modern stuff. The phone is based on the Unisoc T107 chipset and comes with 48MB of RAM along with 128MB of storage. You can insert a 32GB microSD card to play MP3 songs via the phone’s music player.

Nokia doesn’t talk much about the earphones but it is said that they can last up to 4 hours for music and 2.5 hours for calls. The phone’s 1450mAh battery charges the earphones when the battery runs out. In addition, the phone itself can provide up to 6 hours of talk time over 4G and up to 20 days in standby mode. For music, you have to download MP3 songs, or you can rely on the phone’s FM radio feature.

The Nokia 5710 XpressAudio is currently limited to the UK market and costs £74.99. Availability in other markets is still a mystery.

While we love smartphones, this unique concept got us thinking – if Nokia can make feature phones exciting, why not do the same with its own Android smartphones?