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Motorola Mobile grows more than 100% as it removes share from competitors – channelnews

Unlike TCL Mobile, which saw a decline in its smartphone business in Australia, after hiring new Chinese management, arch-rival Motorola, which also appointed new management to run the local business, at the same time that saw TCL double its revenue in Australia.

According to recent filings with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, Motorola, a Lenovo-owned company, had revenue as of December 31, 2021 of $25.5 million versus $12.5 million in December 2020, in the same period that TCL’s revenue increased from $21.5 million. dollars to 13.3 dollars. M.

Motorola which is soon to launch a new foldable Razr facing the Samsung Flip in Australia has also taken third place in the smartphone market behind Samsung and Apple, from struggling TCL Communications which has appointed Chinese management to run the business in Australia after dropping the successful Alcatel brand. for smartphones.Motorola NEO Pantone Purple

TCL has been promising for years to release a foldable device, and as far back as 2019 was showing ChannelNews foldable models that they said would launch “soon” but haven’t been launched yet.

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Curt Bonnici, President, Motorola Australia and New Zealand

Lenovo-owned Motorola named Kurt Ponici, president of Motorola Australia & New Zealand at the same time TCL was hiring new management, and they’ve also expanded the operational team while also increasing retail partners.

This led to a major turnaround in the business with JB HI Fi ranging 21 Motorola smartphones against three sub-$600 TCL smartphones. Motorola smartphones also include Australia’s three big carriers, Telstra, Vodafone and Optus with Vodafone being TCL’s only smartphone carrier.Motorola Razr 2022 1 1200x1200 cropped

Motorola also made a profit of $347,531 in December 2021, up from $287,400 in 2020, as management claimed it saw a surge in demand for its smartphones when lockdown restrictions were lifted.

The company managed to improve shipments with the company claiming that the pandemic had a positive impact on Motorola “through 2021.”

During the year, Motorola raised marketing expenses to $2.26 million. TCL claimed it spent $1.7 million on marketing just for its sales to bounce back.

Motorola’s stock was also not written off in 2021, and while TCL received $2.5 million from the Hong Kong-based parent company in 2021 and $4.27 million in 2020, Motorola’s Australian operations did not take any loans from the parent company during the past two years.

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