Wife fears prisoner will explode after swallowing mobile phones Globalism

The wife of a prisoner who swallowed four cellphones to be smuggled into a Delhi jail has pleaded with surgeons to perform the operation, fearing her husband would “explode”.

Authorities said Ramesh Saini, 28, a convicted thief, frequently detonated metal detectors when traveling to and from court sessions. A serial offender with 11 criminal convictions was released to undergo x-rays in August, but that didn’t reveal anything.

However, a CT scan and endoscopy showed four tiny mobiles measuring about four centimeters in his stomach. Saini admitted that he swallowed it in March.

Dr Siddharth Srivastava, a gastroenterologist at JP Pant Hospital in Delhi who removed many cell phones from prisoners, said they often swallowed them to sell.