00 TCL 30 5G for MWC 2022 best of award

The Best of MWC 2022 – TCL 30 5G

TCL continues to improve its design, in search of the ideal specification for value

TCL stormed this week’s MWC event with no fewer than five new smartphones to boost its value-focused 30 Series lineup. Among these, the TCL 30 5G was privileged as our pick for Best of MWC 2022. And that’s not necessarily due to a lack of competition either.

The TCL 30 5G was not only among the few phones announced at the event that run on 5G in its class. The phone is also a huge step forward in terms of design and highlights the company’s refocused vision in the budget space. This insight should give the contenders a reason to stop.

This isn’t the heaviest impact phone but it probably doesn’t need to be

Now, in terms of specs, this phone isn’t going to be the beast that flagships and flagship killers are aiming for. It comes with a MediaTek Dimensity 700 chipset backed by 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. With a 5010mAh battery to back it up, bolstered by up to 18W fast charging.

This is a respectable, if not groundbreaking spec. But the flagship specs don’t seem to be the focal point of the TCL 30 5G at all. Instead, this phone brings more improvements over the TCL brand phones of the past two years.

Previous models from the company were heavy on display technology. First, by introducing NXTVISION features that aim to automatically scale up and adjust other aspects of the screen. It depends on the lighting and the surrounding environment of the user. This year’s model brings the focal point to the cameras.

Of course, the 6.7-inch AMOLED display – with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels and NXTVISION no doubt – is nothing to laugh at. Especially for the money. And TCL UI 4.0-overaid Android 12 is not included from launch. But the cameras bring something new to the table for the company, which has always had respectable but not so great photographers.

This year, TCL is leading things off with a 50MP definitive camera on the back with an F/1.85 aperture. This is paired with a 2MP macro sensor and a 2MP depth sensor at F/2.4. While there is an 8-megapixel snapper on the front for taking selfies. The new arrangement should be equal to taking better photos than before. It will probably be among the best picks of any device in 2022 in its price segment.

TCL’s design and focus on value help win the award for Best of MWC 2022

TCL has also focused heavily on redesigning the aesthetic of its new 30 5G phone, which helps boost its value and win the Best of MWC 2022 award. Despite an initial cost of just €249 – roughly $276 – when sales begin in April for European buyers, The latest phone looks like a flagship phone.

First of all, TCL opted for a more squared approach for its smoothly rounded corners compared to previous models. She also opted for a slightly smaller front tire. With the front camera occupying a notch similar to a water drop. The primary cameras, like previous TCL phones, still occupy the upper left corner of the rear panel, and are available in a completely unusual black or white. But they are now taking a more rectangular approach to the design, rather than a single column of sensors used previously.

TCL’s new camera design can be said to take its cues from some of the best previous designs. Not only from its own team and the best international companies such as Samsung and Vivo. As a result, it does not appear to be a budget phone. That, combined with TCL’s continued focus on improvements to cameras, screen, and internal specs that are reasonably priced, could easily earn TCL 30 5G Best in MWC 2022 award.