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Nokia is suing OPPO in other markets after it was forced out of the German smartphone market

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Nokia forced OPPO out of the lucrative German smartphone market after it registered two consecutive patent lawsuits. Now, apparently, Nokia planned to go after OPPO in other markets as well.

Nokia has sued offending OPPO in Australia and other markets, according to a new report. It is also mentioned that this may lead to OPPO smartphones being banned from being sold in other markets as well.

The Mannheim Regional Court in Germany has ruled that OPPO is violating Nokia’s SEP standards covering 4G and 5G technology. This win not only announced that OPPO had infringed Nokia’s SEP patents and also banned it from selling its smartphones in Germany.

Nokia filed patent infringement complaints against OPPO in multiple markets across Europe and Asia in 2021. Nokia obtained a multi-year patent deal with OPPO in 2018 that expired in 2021.

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