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SHENZHEN, CHINA, NOVEMBER 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) (“Aurora Mobile” or the “Company”), the leading provider of marketing and customer interaction technology services in China, announced today that it Signed a strategic agreement with Bank of Suzhou (002966.SZ) to help improve digital transformation with JPush’s intelligent notification solution.

On the road to building China into a great modern socialist country, the banking industry is facing a complex and changing environment with both opportunities and challenges. Digital transformation has become imperative for traditional banks to reshape and advance development with technological empowerment. Accordingly, Suzhou Bank has made full digital transformation a strategic priority, set goals and developed concrete plans to achieve this.

JPush helps banks improve customer engagement through efficient and stable messaging solutions.

With years of experience in the financial market, Suzhou Bank has served a diverse and broad client base with diversified services and has made significant progress across a variety of financial areas including consumer finance, mass finance and green finance. In order to ensure instant and accurate notifications for different customer groups, the bank needs a multi-channel, high-speed and large-capacity messaging platform. JPush provides a comprehensive messaging solution to address this comprehensively.

JPush fully supports various operating systems including Android, iOS, HarmonyOS, QuickApp and WinPhone, and is compatible with JPush, APN (Apple Push Notification), FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) channels and system-wide push message channels for various phone brands mobiles such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, Meizu, ASUS. In addition, the JPush SDK integrates notifications quickly in 3 minutes and delivers notifications within milliseconds. Based on its proven architecture to support tens of billions of daily visits, JPush ensures stable push notification services to meet the messaging needs of the bank for its massive client base.

Suzhou Bank has established a complete network security system and introduced higher standards and stricter requirements to address information security management issues in the process of digital transformation. JPush has conducted six major tests during the development phase, including no-load traffic, no-load power consumption, online reliability, concurrency ability, service stability, and network strength, and has proven its leading position in information security, effective and stable to send messages.

JPush helps banks build smart operating systems with enhanced marketing capabilities.

In the age of mobile, the exponential growth of the personal needs of customers greatly affects the way banks deal with their customers. Banks are changing from a linear growth model based on expanding outlets and workforce to a technology-enabled multiplier growth model. Given this trend, technology-driven refined marketing becomes an overwhelming choice for banks to improve operational quality and efficiency in various business scenarios.

With effective and convenient messaging solutions, JPush helps banks increase efficiency in unlocking customer value, pursuing long-term customer relationships instead of short-term deals, to implement a full-scale digital transformation step-by-step.

Going forward, Aurora Mobile will continue its commitment to empowering banks with its flexible, personalized and efficient technology support to facilitate multi-channel customer engagement, refined marketing, and enhance digital transformation.

About Aurora Mobile Limited

Founded in 2011, Aurora Mobile (JG) is a leading provider of marketing and customer interaction technology services in China. Since its inception, Aurora Mobile has focused on providing stable and efficient messaging services for enterprises and has grown into a leading mobile messaging service provider with a first-mover advantage. With the growing demand for customer reach and marketing growth, Aurora Mobile has developed forward-looking solutions such as cloud messaging and cloud marketing to help organizations reach and engage with customers across multiple channels, as well as artificial intelligence solutions and marketing technologies based on big data that aid in the digital transformation of organizations.

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