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HTC teases a new VR headset, likely the second generation of Vive Flow

With the increasing popularity of virtual reality, we are starting to see more and more headsets hitting the market. Fan favorite HTC has long been a pioneer in the realm of virtual reality with its Vive line of headphones. And now, it looks like the company is back with another set to fit your face.

Taking to Twitter with a teaser image, HTC showed off a new VR headset with the tagline “Go small or go home.” How do we know it’s a new headphone? HTC confirmed it down in the comments section of the tweet, to reiterate the fact that it’s smaller. The picture doesn’t give much away, but there are a few things we can work out about this headset.

What we already know about the new HTC headset

Obviously, we know this is going to be a smaller headphone. Arguably the biggest complaint about VR headsets is their size and weight. Since they sit on your nose for hours at a time, rest is somewhat essential. With a smaller chassis, we can expect the new HTC headset to be lighter than previous models, and even those of the competition.

Looking at the image shared by HTC, you can recognize the headset in question. Notice how these little sunglasses look? That’s because the futuristic Google looks remarkably similar to last year’s Vive Flow headphones. Given the design similarities, we expect this to be a second generation update to Vive Flow. There is currently only one generation of headphones, as they are relatively new, so expect them to be at the top of HTC’s list to revive them!

And it should be revived – Vive Flow scored only three stars out of five in our review, with the controls, user interface and price leaving room for improvement. Therefore, we expect the second generation version to make some changes in these areas. Otherwise, there’s not much we know about HTC’s new headset.

While HTC has yet to announce the new headset, don’t mind its release, we expect to see it hit shelves before the end of the year. Virtual reality kits are bound to be on a lot of Christmas lists this year, and HTC isn’t likely to miss the holiday cheer. Expect to hear more from the brand soon!