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Honor withdraws its team from India after raids on Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi

Honor has withdrawn its team from India for “obvious reasons” after the Indian government increased its raids on Chinese companies. Read more.

Honor, which used to be a Huawei sub-brand that mostly sells affordable variants of the latter’s phone, has now pulled its team out of India. The brand will remain and operate as usual in the market but its team will now operate from the local market. CEO Zhao Ming made the announcement after recent raids and accusations against high-profile Chinese tech brands such as Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi and Huawei. Note that the government has not yet conducted raids of honor offices in India.

Honor formed the team a few years ago but chose to leave the country for “obvious reasons”, stating he wanted to have a “very safe approach”. Hence, while the team is withdrawn from India, Honor’s Indian business will be managed by local partners. Honor has confirmed that the company will continue to operate in India and will continue to develop the business as well.

Honor withdraws its team from India amid tensions

Honor was a part of Huawei, it used to be a big name in the smartphone market. The company used to sell some of the pricier and more feature-rich smartphones across all price points. Her phone was running on Huawei’s EMUI and was mostly clones of Huawei phones but with corners cut to achieve lower prices. The brand used to be a threat to companies like Xiaomi, Samsung and Motorola in the more affordable segments.

However, Honor has largely stopped doing business here after the global ban on Huawei. Apart from its parent brand, Honor has recently started making a comeback in the market with mid-range and premium smartphones. In India, Honor did not launch new smartphones but continued to rely on smart wearables and even penetrated into the laptop market.

The Indian government recently intensified its crackdown on Chinese companies, all of which were allegedly guilty of tax evasion. Vivo has been in the news a lot lately due to ED freezing their bank accounts. Xiaomi has also been accused of tax evasion by illegal means and oversaw two high-profile management changes at the company.