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Fresh Pixel 7a details reveal a more realistic spec sheet

Pixel 7a details show that Google intends to fix the flaws of the Pixel 6a. However, we still have several months left at all.

The Pixel 7 A Leaks keep pouring in, and the latest one has revealed more details that go along with a mid-range smartphone than previously reported. The phone will be launched as an affordable model of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. However, it’s not the only Google phone to look forward to in 2023.

Google is also expected to take the covers off its first foldable smartphone, which is said to be called the Pixel Fold. The phone was initially expected to arrive this year but had to be delayed. There are actually quite a few details about the screen and the cameras. It will also likely come with the Tensor G2 chipset that powers the Pixel 7.

Today display

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Previously, it was reported that the Pixel 7a would pack some features that sounded too good to be true as they are features that the standard Pixel 7 doesn’t boast. However, these new details are more realistic. As Kuba Wojciechowski (Tweet embed) shared on Twitter, the Pixel 7a will finally bring a high refresh rate to the Pixel-A series of smartphones. The phone will replace the Pixel 6a’s 60Hz display with a 90Hz display. This upgrade has always been expected since offering a high refresh rate is almost a given these days. The screen will be 1080p and will be provided by Samsung.

It will have a high refresh rate display

Pixel 7 Pro home screen in front of a brick and pebble background.

In addition, the source mentions that the Pixel 7a will have a new dual rear camera and not triple rear cameras as previously reported. The codenamed phonelynxIt has been reported to have a camera setup referred to asPixel 22 mid-range,“Highlighting the fact that it is inferior to the Pixel 7/7 Pro it is going through”Pixel 22 Premium.“The source says Google has modified the camera setup, which now consists of a Sony IMX787 wide-angle camera and a Sony IMX712 ultrawide camera. The Samsung GN1 sensor, said to be the third sensor, is now gone, and there is no telephoto camera.

The two cameras are upgrades over the Sony IMX363 and Sony IMX386 that Google has used for years. These new sensors, combined with Google’s impressive algorithms, should give the Pixel 7a more edge over its competitors in the same category. The Pixel 7a will also have wireless charging, as mentioned earlier but will be limited to 5W. Furthermore, the phone will be the first Tensor-powered smartphone with a Qualcomm Wi-Fi + Bluetooth chip. The chip, called WCN6740, is believed to be derived from Qualcomm’s FastConnect 6700 and will replace the Broadcom BCM4389.

The Pixel 7 A It’s shaping up to be a significant upgrade over the Pixel 6a, and these well-known features actually fix some of the shortcomings of its predecessor. However, there is still a long wait before the phone hits the market. The earliest expected time will be at I/O 2023 next May. However, for those who don’t want to wait, the Pixel 6a is still worth picking up on Black Friday as Google revealed that the phone will be discounted to $299, which is $150 off its launch price.

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