EcoFlow Black Friday sale

EcoFlow Black Friday Sale offers up to 50% off portable energy

EcoFlow Black Friday Sale aims to offer the best selection of portable power products, as well as the best deals. There are discounts of up to 50% that can be obtained on a wide range of products additional 8% off for 9to5Mac readers.

Whether you want a backpack-sized power pack for off-grid camping, or the ultimate emergency home backup system to keep your entire home running for up to six days of network outage, the sale has you covered. Other benefits include free shipping on all orders, pay later option, free gifts and more…

RIVER mini – The power is within reach, anywhere

The range starts with the RIVER mini, a portable power pack that’s small and light enough to carry in a backpack, yet powerful enough to deliver 210Wh of power, anywhere, anytime.

Weighing just 6.3 pounds, it can power up to eight devices simultaneously, and can be charged to 80% of capacity in just one hour.

Usually $349, sale price $189 (46% off). Available from EcoFlow and Amazon.

RIVER mini

River 2 – The Fastest Charging Portable Power Pack

If charging speed is your priority, the River 2 is another backpack-sized unit, but it can be fully charged in just an hour. It still has an impressive output capacity of 3,000 watts, with the X-Boost setting up to 6,000 watts – enough to power just about anything you own, even a desktop computer or blender. Weighing 7.7 pounds, it’s a power you can take anywhere.

Usually $239, sale price $219 (8% off). Available from EcoFlow and Amazon.


Delta 2 – Basic Home Power Station

The most affordable, whole-home backup system, Delta 2, is powerful enough to keep your essential devices running during network outages, with a maximum output of 1,800 watts (or 2,200 watts with X-Boost). This is enough for refrigerators, hair dryers and water heaters. Its 1024Wh capacity means it will see you despite most typical network outages, and it can power up to 15 devices simultaneously. If that’s not enough, you can add an extra DELTA 2 battery to double the capacity to 2048Wh, or the Max Extra battery to go up to 3040Wh! Charging times for the platform are only 50 minutes to 80%, and 80 minutes to 100%.

Usually $999, sale price $899 (10% off). Available from EcoFlow and Amazon.


DELTA Max – The Home Backup Power Expert

Want more power to run more devices for longer? DELTA Max delivers twice the capacity of DELTA 2, at 2 kWh – and can be expanded to a maximum of 6 kWh with additional batteries. This is ideal if you want to be able to carry on with daily life with the standby power, as the maximum output of 3400W is capable of handling heavy duty appliances such as dryers. Only 65 minutes will power it to 80%, and it can also be used as a solar generator with optional solar panels (below).

It’s usually $2,099, and the sale price is $1,599 (24% off). Available from EcoFlow and Amazon.


DELTA Pro – Portable Power Station with EV Charging Support

DELTA Pro, like Max, can be used as a home backup system. With an industry-leading output of 3600 watts, DELTA Pro can power more than 99% of appliances including air conditioner and space heater. But what sets the Pro apart is the flexibility of the charging option, which makes it ideal for RV owners. It supports six different charging methods, from AC to solar, but can also be charged at electric vehicle charging stations. This means you won’t be far from a power boost. It can be fully recharged in 1.8 hours via any of the 35000 Level 2 AC EV charging stations across the US, or in 2.7 hours from any AC socket.

It’s usually $3,699, and the selling price is $3,199 (24% off). Available from EcoFlow and Amazon.


DELTA Pro + Dual-Fuel Generator – The Ultimate Home Backup

Even larger capacity battery backup systems can run low during an extended power outage caused by a major natural disaster. By pairing the DELTA Pro with a dual-fuel generator, you gain the ability to keep the battery charged without reaching the grid. The generator runs on both standard LPG and propane, and can deliver a staggering 20 kWh capacity. You get up to 12.5 hours of playtime from LPG alone. The full package offers absolute peace of mind or the ability to live off the grid, allowing your entire home to run for up to six days.

It’s usually $5,298, and the selling price is $4,299 (19% off). Available from EcoFlow and Amazon.

Solar Panels – Compatible with all EcoFlow models

If you are looking for complete independence from the grid, you can feed any of the above EcoFlow battery systems with power from solar panels. A single panel generates up to 110 watts, which is enough to recharge the RIVER mini in two hours and charge the RIVER 2 in three hours. You can also link multiple aircraft together to recharge more intense DELTA systems. For example, four sets of 110W solar panels can fully recharge the DELTA 2 in 3 hours. Designed with rubber handle and flexible bracket holder, you can adjust the angle of the panels from 0-45 degrees. It is also water resistant to work in all weather conditions as well as any outdoor activity.

Usually $399, sale price $199 (50% off). Available from EcoFlow and Amazon.

110W Solar Panel


9to5Mac Readers can get an additional 8% off EcoFlow Black Friday sale prices, using code EFBF8OFF. This code works on both the EcoFlow and Amazon web store.

There are also free gifts on offer:

  • Every order over $3,000 will get a free $349 RIVER mini
  • Every order over $5000 will get a FREE DELTA mini worth $999

These deals aren’t the only deals on offer: EcoFlow’s Black Friday Deals will offer discounts on a wide range of other packages and stellar products. Check them all out here.

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