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Blue Cross calls for an end to the horrific breed of dogs like Buster

BLUE Cross is campaigning to end the horrific breeding of pets such as the pug, French bulldog and mare.

Treating animals can make them struggle to breathe and see properly.

Buster, who was re-housed from Blue Cross in Bromsgrove with his four companions, suffered from health problems.

The poor dog has an unpleasant eye condition that prevents his eyelids from closing when he tries to blink – a condition often experienced in brachycephalic pets.

Amy Neal, animal care assistant at Bromsgrove Blue Cross, said: “It is unfortunate that eye conditions such as those experienced by Buster are not uncommon in small-headed dog breeds, such as French bulldogs and pugs.

“Due to their flat head shape, their eyes are more prominent and therefore more prone to injury.”

His plaid coat – known as the merle – is becoming increasingly popular with puppy buyers looking for distinctive-looking dogs.

Irresponsible breeding of dogs with this amazing appearance can cause canines to be born blind or deaf due to genetic links between merle coats, hearing and vision.

However, Buster found a happy new home with Ian and Claire Johnson, becoming their “perfect family pet”.

The Blue Cross has started a petition calling on companies to stop promoting the fashion status of these breeds which is fueling a demand that is often met by unscrupulous breeders.

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