Weekly Poll: If you were looking for a mid-ranger, would you buy the Realme 10?


Wow, the list of important smartphones is decreasing every day.
We have included BBK almost completely, now it’s just the Vivo flagship.
Xiaomi fell because they removed the features, Samsung got really boring frankly, greedy iPhones (in Europe at least) apart from the amazing software optimization, and Sony? Well, at least for now. Sony just needs to release a phone with TSMC-fab like the 8+ gen 1 or the upcoming 2nd generation, but for now it’s not worth buying yet.
Asus? I’m amazed that no one likes them despite their update policy. Yes, they are pricey, but at least try their flagship products and ROG lineup?
Huawei? Mother ……. Unless you use g-space and petal search, you won’t have goo-
The industry is really on hold….


A leap from the Realme 6 is not enough for me to consider.


In this price range, I prefer the Tecno Pova 4 Pro. Quite a bargain for 2022.


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James, 2 hours agoIt should only be $150. Due to the lack of chipsets, they continued to release the old technology. I wonder why.The shortage of chips does not really exist or has been exaggerated too much, to artificially raise prices


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“Helio G99 GPU significantly outperforms those of Snapdragon 680”
The Helio G9x series is designed to challenge the sd 7xx series, we know that the SD680 is similar to the SD662 plus and not a true successor to the SD678.
Realme focused on others other than vanilla and destroys them, they are getting worse year by year.


Awaiting Realme 10 pro + or Oppo reno9 pro + both curved screens.

I hate flat screens and disappointment slides. I will only buy a phone with SD 8+ Gen1 or Dimensity 8100 and above. never anything else


It should only be $150. Due to the lack of chipsets, they continued to release the old technology. I wonder why.


Finally, realme shows its true form. Realme now makes great phone at high price like bbk (oppo and vivo).


Well, if I had to buy a midranger, my best shot would be the Xiaomi Note 12 explorer.
For the price of 330 there is nothing better.


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A non-competitive offering from a brand that is already worse off than the others I think. will not buy.


There is nothing interesting about this phone at all


There was a time when realme was a great value for money budget smartphone, and not all it had to offer was big rubbish for the money.


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Anders, 4 hours agoIt’s not a “mid-range” it’s a budget phone trying to pretend… Moreyes. The specs are particularly entry level this time around. The bottom edges are thick, and it also removed some of the previous phone’s key features, such as the 108MP camera, under-screen fingerprint scanning, as well as the ultra-wide camera from the previous model. The overall battery endurance is also much lower this time around. And they asked for $230 for all this 🤣


I am a part time photographer, if I need to buy a new phone I will look into the camera specs first.

Pixel binning 48,50,64,100,200 MP main camera? Of course, why not.

There is no objection to the depth sensor, no matter what the mega pixel camera is. It serves the purpose of creating beautiful bokeh effects. Although it still can’t match my Canon f/1.2 lens 🤭.

2 megabyte macro? really? 🙄

Next is at least 8 or 12 mega pixels. The very wide landscape using GCam is great. What? Does Realme 10 have it? moment no. no no.

Sigh… I missed those last few years where even entry level phones have all the camera capabilities.


It’s not a “mid-range”, it’s a hefty budget phone trying to pretend it’s mid-range. Realme 6 was a better phone. Realme is back since the sixth series. Realme 6 Pro is the best they’ve ever launched


realme 9 pro plus is the right fit midranger: dimensions 920 + amoled + imx766 + 3’5 jack

Realme 10 is more than a lower level


Why do companies keep using helio G99? It’s a really sloppy chipset however they use it on their ‘flagship’ phones???


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realme 10
Writing this with my Realme 7 Pro


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rizki1, 4 hours agoThis is not Realme anymore, they are as close to Oppo as Oneplus.They called it realme 10 for the 10 naive customers who would buy it


A52s and nova 9 are the peak of mid-range phones