LG says one last goodbye to its phone business, stops smartphone production for good

LG Electronics reportedly pulled its smartphones off production lines earlier on Monday.

Chobham Verma

New DelhiAnd theupdated: June 1, 2021 at 3:31pm IST

By Shubham Verma: LG’s smartphone business has finally reached a milestone toward its demise. There is a report saying that the South Korean tech giant on Monday halted smartphone production, marking the start of what would have been a thriving business against companies like Apple and Samsung. This comes weeks after LG announced the closure of its mobile phone business, which has been suffering heavy losses for more than six years.

According to a report by Asia Business Daily, LG Electronics removed its smartphones from production lines earlier on Monday. But that happened weeks after the company’s original announcement in April. At the time, LG said it would take some time to wind down its phone business because it had to meet its obligations to partners, including carriers in many markets that sell LG phones. This could include units from the latest LG Velvet and LG Wing that have stunned the tech world with their beautiful designs and whimsical approach. LG announced the two smartphones last year.

According to the publication, the facility in Vietnam that has been making many phones for LG until now will turn into factories for manufacturing home appliances. The status of the rest of the facilities is unknown at the moment, but the production halt is in line with LG’s plan which will gradually see the smartphone business die.

LG had previously said that it will continue to sell phones in some markets until stock runs out, while software support will continue for up to three more years depending on the phone. The LG Wing and LG Velvet will receive Android 12 and even Android 13 when available, but don’t get your hopes up given LG’s bad reputation with Android updates. Apart from that, there will be up to four years of after-sales service from the date of manufacture on a range of LG smartphones in select markets.

Meanwhile, the ambitious LG Rollable that debuted at CES 2021 in its full glory is ready to be acquired at a discount, along with the unannounced, but otherwise unannounced Velvet 2 Pro. Only for LG employees in South Korea. Each employee can only buy up to two units of the phone at great discounts. However, these units will enjoy a six-month warranty or until the parts stock runs out. These units will also not be eligible for Android upgrades because they are essentially part of the stock that will never go on sale.

If you have an LG phone that you want to exchange, so do Apple and Samsung Running Powerful Offers They take LG phones and give away a new iPhone or Galaxy at a discount. According to a report in Yonhap, Apple has partnered with local carriers to run a special program that gives LG users a chance to get an additional KRW 150,000 (approximately $134) in addition to the smartphone’s replacement value. Samsung also runs a similar scheme, but it’s only for customers in South Korea.