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Keep children away from cell phones

Affects mental and physical health and isolation

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In the modern era, the mental and physical health of children has become a very important issue. On the occasion of Children’s Day, which will be celebrated on November 14, the Lokmat Times reviews the state of device addiction, health issues, stress, and stress among children.

The use of cell phones among children has increased dramatically, especially after the lockdown period. Experts say it is definitely detrimental to the mental and physical health of children.

Cell phones are a means of instant gratification. Children develop a tendency to be immediately attracted to the use of mobile phones. Social media apps are the source that attracts them most. Moreover, the games they play have many bad effects on the minds of children.

It is observed that children who use cell phones excessively lead to loss of concentration. They often have memory loss problems and can’t think right away. Earlier, children used to study for two to three hours continuously but now these children are distracted and cannot concentrate in their studies even for 15 to 20 minutes. They also face eye problems.

Likewise, there is controversial pressure from parents on children regarding job choice. Hence, they have to face severe problems to stay in the state of intense competition. Psychologically, children should compete with themselves and not with others. If they compete with themselves, they have more chances to improve. On the other hand, every child is different and therefore, a child can excel only in the field that he quickly chooses. If the parents compare one child to another, the child also begins to compare him with other parents and especially the facilities which the parents provide to other children.

Depression among children is a common aspect brought up among children and they can sometimes even take extreme steps in such circumstances. Thus, parents should closely monitor children’s activities and should get immediate medical help from a psychiatrist if they notice any behavioral change in them, experts advised.

Children follow parents

Today, even parents are addicted to using cell phones. Children imitate them and follow them. Children withdraw from family and friends and try to find immediate results for their actions. Mobile search engines give them an option to get the result of their queries immediately but in the process, their thought process stops. It hinders their mental and physical development. These children are often preoccupied with depression.

– Dr. Mangesh introduced a psychiatrist

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