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HTC Mobile plans further expansion by returning to the main market

HTC Mobile appears to be planning expansion, as it aims to return to the main market. HTC Mobile appears to be returning to Korea after a 10-year hiatus. The company left the country in December 2012, mainly due to very poor sales.

HTC Mobile plans to expand, as a return to the main market is in its plans

HTC Mobile is rebuilding its business step by step. The company has announced some budget phones in Russia and South Africa in the past year or so. The company seems to think it’s time to head back to Korea, too.

Incidentally, this information comes from ET News, where the post reported that HTC Mobile is looking to hire some talent in Korea. The company is looking to appoint a Director of Business Development and Sales.

This person should help the company in evaluating the market primarily. You must be able to understand what the demand is, and develop a business strategy based on that, among other things.

Now, HTC likely won’t make strides in Korea anytime soon. The company is slowly trying to rebuild its business, and with all the right steps, this will take some time. You really can’t expect them to become successful overnight.

HTC likely to sell low-cost 4G and/or 5G smartphones in the country

The company is likely to introduce a couple of budget smartphones in the country. We’re still not sure if it’ll be 4G or 5G phones, but you can expect them to be very affordable.

On the flip side, if the Director of Business Development and Sales comes to the conclusion that entering the market is not a good idea for HTC, the company may not release a phone at all. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but HTC seems interested.

Does this mean that the company will return to other markets as well? It all depends on how things go in Korea, and other markets where HTC Mobile is active. If the company takes off, we can expect expansion into more markets, for sure.