50188 98543 Ampere AW Charger xl

Ampere Apple Watch Charging Cable Review: A Better Fast Charger

Ampere Apple Watch Charger

50188 98543 Ampere AW Charger

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Accessory maker Ampere has created a new magnetic charging dial for your Apple Watch that is both durable and fast, making it a great travel companion.

Fast charging is supported on Apple Watch Series 7, as well as the new Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra. While fast charging is a big draw for newer Apple Watch models, this style of charger can still power any Apple Watch you own, all back to the original Series 0 — as now noted.

high quality materials

Everything about the Ampere Apple Watch charging tablet feels purposeful. It’s a simple device, but the company has tried to make the most of its limited features.

For example, the cable is not just a wire, because it is braided to provide extra durability and prevents tangles. Ampere is taking this opportunity to make a braid out of recycled ocean plastic.

The charger casing could be plastic, but Ampere opted for anodized aluminum. Aluminum cools faster to maintain higher charging speeds, and it also provides better feel.

Charging Apple Watch

Charging Apple Watch

If we had to assume one way the Ampere could make this charger even better, we’d love to see a silicone foot on the bottom. Native Union put a silicone grip on the bottom of its charger, and it made a huge difference.

Once we take our watch off the charger, it will slide. This silicone will add some much-needed grip and keep it from moving around on us.

The cable is 2 meters long, which is enough to reach behind your desk or nightstand. It uses a USB-C connector, so it supports all current Apple products.

Fast and reliable shipping

Ampere is one of the few companies that have released an MFi-certified Apple Watch charging disc and got the fast charging module.

Many accessory companies said Camel That Apple’s fast-charging unit was nearly impossible to obtain for large-scale manufacturing, leaving many products to use the older, slower unit instead.

Charging Apple Watch Series 7

Charging Apple Watch Series 7

Fast charging is a new feature, arriving with the Apple Watch Series 7. It’ll deliver an 80 percent charge in just 40 minutes.

We’ve converted most of our chargers to fast chargers, so going back to slower chargers is tough. We track sleep through your Apple Watch, so a quick charger is essential to ensure it’s covered all day and night.

Should you buy an Ampere Apple Watch charging cable?

Nice first party charger from Apple. Besides the fact that it does not cost you anything extra to purchase, it is well made and uses USB-C as well.

amp box

amp box

But many people like to have a second charger or are looking for one with a longer cable than the one in the box. Ampere is a great alternative to the Apple charging cable.

It supports fast charging, is as environmentally friendly as a cable can be, is durable, has a two-year warranty, and is made from premium materials. For us, it checks all the boxes.

Apple Watch Charger Amp Pros

  • Eco-friendly with Ocean Plastic for plastic-free and braid-free packaging
  • Support for fast charging on Apple Watch Series 7
  • 2 meters long
  • Premium anodized aluminum body
  • USB-C
  • Apple certified

Cons of Ampere Apple Watch Charging Cable

  • Non-slip bottom can be used

Rating: 4 out of 5

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