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Vivo celebrates five years in the country

Vivo, the global smartphone brand, is celebrating its fifth anniversary in Sri Lanka by thanking all its partners, employees, suppliers, distributors, media and consumers for their continuous support, helping it reach new milestones and making Vivo a part of Sri Lanka’s community, especially during difficult times.

Vivo started its journey in Sri Lanka in 2017 and has succeeded in carving out a niche of its own in these five years with its innovative smartphone technology and customer care services. Guided by Benfen’s philosophy of doing the right things the right way and its consumer-centric approach, Vivo has worked to bring global innovations to the region.

Vivo, as a brand, is driven by the goal of fostering strong relationships with consumers and enriching the smartphone market with products that add value and simplify lifestyles through its technological innovations. Since its introduction into the smartphone market in Sri Lanka, Vivo has earned a reputation as a premium and trusted brand, boasting a robust offline network of more than 2,500 retail stores that ensure access to sales and after-care services. To further advance in the regional market, Vivo has forged business partnerships with key players in the industry, ensuring exceptional service to Sri Lankan consumers.

Focusing on meeting the dynamic needs of every consumer, Vivo Sri Lanka has introduced a range of smartphones with innovative features and great designs, available across its price range. The products in the V and Y series have been widely received with love and appreciation by consumers. While the V series has set the standard in mobile photography while incorporating future camera features, the Y series is known as the ideal companion for the younger generation who are looking for a smartphone with a variety of features and flagship performance at an affordable price.

Vivo Sri Lanka CEO Kevin Jiang said, “Our five-year journey in Sri Lanka has been the realization of Vivo as a brand, marked by several milestones.

With our innovation-based approach, we have been able to overcome many challenges and introduce the latest technology in the country which has benefited many users. For the same, we have received love and appreciation from our clients who have always supported us in our endeavors with their sincerity.

“Vivo’s phenomenal success in Sri Lanka has been a cohesive effort driven by our dedicated employees, customers, retailers, distributors, media and partners. We will be eternally grateful for their commitment and support. Moving forward, we plan to continue expanding our services, delivering the best technology, and moving the country toward greater digital integration.”

At the core of Vivo’s brand values ​​is a commitment to giving back to the community, and following this has contributed in the form of community benefit campaigns and attractive promotions to express gratitude for the continued support of consumers. With exclusive and customized after-sales services available at its service centers, Vivo strives to assist consumers throughout the smartphone use cycle and enhance the customer service experience. In an active effort to further support the Sri Lankan community, Vivo implemented the #VivocaresCSR campaign, donating essential office materials and smart boards to schools, empowering the educational needs of the young generation.

Vivo has adopted a holistic approach in Sri Lanka, combining the introduction of advanced technologies along with community-focused projects, thus establishing itself as a socially conscious brand that strives to prioritize lifestyle improvement. The brand continues to advance as a pioneer in the region, pioneering efforts for digital inclusion and effective customer support.