Singles Day

Singles’ Day 2022: It’s time to hunt down the bargains!

When does Singles’ Day start in the United States?

When you think about deals in November, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are probably the first two events that pop into your head. However, Singles’ Day is actually one of the best selling periods when it comes to online shopping and it happens, as it does every year, on November 11th. Singles Day in China has arisen, with more and more young people, solo Chinese organized parties to escape from the fact of being single by flaunting something nice to themselves.

In order to give you the best possible offers, we compare the bid prices with the current prices on the net so that you don’t end up being scammed with a fake deal. This is because many providers only base their discounts on the recommended retail price, which is usually well above the actual market value.

Best Smartphone Deals: Apple, Samsung, etc

During Singles’ Day, you can of course look forward to all kinds of deals. It’s time to say goodbye to your old smartphone and buy a new one, right? In this section, you’ll find what we think are the best smartphone deals from the likes of Apple and Samsung. Of course, all other manufacturers are also part of the deal. If the price is particularly exciting, you’ll also be able to find it here.

The iPhone 13 Mini is the last of its kind when it comes to small iPhones — at least until Apple decides to release a foldable iPhone. The iPhone 14 saw Apple ditch the small form factor, so here’s a deal that helps you save $100 more off the regular price of a 256GB model. As we all know, Apple rarely lowers their prices, so this makes perfect shopping!

Plus, if you want to jump on the foldable bandwagon, why not part with the Galaxy Z Fold 4? The entire machine simply screams of “Major”! For a compact alternative, check out Amazon’s deal on the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

$346 for the Google Pixel 6a? Now that’s a bargain, considering it’s close to Benjamin off the MSRP. This is clearly something worth checking out if you want to take advantage of Google’s computational imaging ability without having to break the bank.

Vacuum cleaner robots, thermostats, and doorbells: These smart home deals are mouthwatering!

In addition to smartphones, you will also find all kinds of smart home products on offer from various retailers. Do you want to save energy or heating costs considering the turmoil the world is experiencing today? Then you should not miss smart thermostats and smart lights. Would you rather have a robotic vacuum cleaner? Not a problem at all!

Walmart has a large number of smart home items for sale. Imagine buying a Google Nest Mini (2nd generation) for just $18 instead of $49. How about a Roku 4K streaming stick that solved nearly 50% of the MSRP? Other items for sale include smart plugs, smart locks, network routers, and more.

Smart Watches and Headphones: Best Wearable Deals on Singles’ Day!

Smartwatch and bluetooth speaker lovers should also get their money’s worth on Singles’ Day. We still have to wait and see if Apple or Samsung will drastically reduce the prices of their latest devices. However, experience shows that you can look forward to exciting offers here too. Apple didn’t see any price cuts, which fits the course.

Sony, Samsung, LG or Philips: the best TV deals!

Normally, you will rarely find a TV deal on NextPit. However, when we present them to you, they are usually really good deals. We also follow this guide on Singles’ Day. So check back regularly for the best TV deals around LG, Philips or Samsung. Here we have a 34% discount from Samsung on the 65-inch Neo QLED 8K monster, while LG gave a 40% discount on its OLED TV C1. Sony is somewhat stingy with its opponent this time around, so it might be better off with South Korean brands when it comes to haggling.

If you don’t want to ditch an older set, you can upgrade your TV with a cheap streaming stick, which gets even cheaper during Singles’ Day:

Singles’ Day: These promotions are waiting for you!

Singles’ Day continues to grow in popularity, and any excuse to do some shopping is a good one. You may find more brands in the United States offering discounts for Singles’ Day, as well as keep an eye out for coupon sites for double cashback deals when you get something from a participating retailer.

Singles’ Day 2022

Here they are, what we think are the best deals for Singles’ Day 2022. With so many offers, we hope you’ll be able to secure some deals. If you missed something, don’t worry, because Black Friday is already waiting in the wings. And Cyber ​​Monday is still around, and if you somehow missed that cart, there’s always the Christmas shopping season to look forward to. What a great time for us bargain hunters!