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Nokia Lumia 920 was launched 10 years ago, let’s find out what features made the phone what it is

Ten years ago, Nokia and Microsoft unveiled the Lumia 920, a technical advance that was years ahead of its time and may have started the Lumia range.

Let’s check out why the Nokia 920 is the amazing phone.

The Nokia Lumia 920 introduces a whole new level of experience in terms of build quality, stunning screen and polycarbonate body feel.

The great design of the Nokia N9 has been carried over to the Lumia series. It changes significantly as the phone increases in size and thickness. The materials chosen were polycarbonate buttons and zirconium buttons. It provides durable and sturdy quality.

One of the main selling points of the Windows Phone operating system is a very smooth experience. It offers a variety of pricing levels and hardware combinations. Scrolling, zooming in and out, and even app transitions were all smooth and convenient.

Nokia has distinguished itself from other Windows vendors by producing top-class applications focused on Lumia. It enhances the user experience and makes the device enjoyable to use.

In addition to maintaining the distinctive features of Symbian and Meego smartphones, such as the always-on display and double-tap to wake, the Lumia series has introduced several additional upgrades.

Lumia 920 pioneered many innovations in the mobile sector. It also includes Qi wireless charging, OIS, and a display with a faster 60Hz refresh rate.