LG’s New 12-Inch Stretchable Monitor Could Put On Clothes One Day – Geek . Review

LG’s 12-inch screens can be stretched to become 20% larger.

LG's new stretchable display
LG screen

This week, LG Display unveiled the world’s first stretchable HD display. Yes, screens can stretch, fold, twist, and even fold. The stylish new technology is said to be durable enough to one day end up in clothing and other wearable devices.

The expandable “Freeform Display Screens” are 12″ in size and can easily be stretched to 14″ or folded without any damage. Furthermore, the press release states that the screen does not distort, even after being stretched by 20 percent, which seems pretty unruly. Samsung’s foldable phones are durable, but the screens are still relatively fragile.

While the rubberized screen certainly looks promising, LG Display has stated that it has a resolution of 100 pixels per inch, which is much lower than what we are used to in smartphones and smartwatches.

LG Display states that these all-new stretchable displays are made of a silicone material similar to a contact lens, and then combined with a tiny LED light source. With a slim, flexible and stretchable design, these screens can fit over leather, fabric, or even metal surfaces such as a car or taxi.

I just imagine a world where social media influencers display ads on their clothes or an Uber driver runs paid commercials on the side of a car skidding down the highway.

It is noteworthy that these are the early stages of such technology. According to LG Display, it is not an easy process, and the screen is still connected to the ribbon cable that connects to the source device. But who knows, in the end, they can use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to view photos or videos.

The company hopes to eventually commercialize this revolutionary new technology, but we’ll have to wait and see.

via Engadget