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Meta launches XTADIUM app for watching sports in virtual reality where users can host private viewing parties, and more


Andrew Cohen

Meta has announced the launch of XTADIUM, an app for watching sports in virtual reality, on its Quest Store. VR streaming startup YBVR developed the app, which now streams free on-demand footage from three NASCAR races, two UFC Fight Pass events, One Championship fights, EuroLeague basketball, and live and on-demand tennis matches from the upcoming All American Cup, showing All in 180-degree VR through Quest headphones.

XTADIUM will broadcast more live sports events in VR in the future and will offer paid content through its partners. Currently, the app will broadcast live content from beIN SPORTS XTRA and World Surf League, but both will be shown in 2D and not in Meta VR quality. XTADIUM users can join viewing parties with their avatar friends, view from eight camera angles, and add real-time statistical overlays while broadcasting.

“We believe the metaverse will open up a new economy for the sports industry – and XTADIUM is another step toward that exciting future. By enabling both authenticated and pay-per-view content, the app will create revenue streams for our partners that are just as incremental for our partners today,” said Rob Shaw, Director of Meta’s North American Sports Media and League Partnerships said in a statement.

Meta, which announced on Wednesday it is laying off 13% of its staff (more than 11,000 people), partnered with NASCAR in September to broadcast on-demand race summaries and intense 45-minute races in VR through its Horizon Worlds platform. The intense 45-minute NASCAR races will now also be broadcast on XTADIUM, including last week’s championship at Pheonix Racecourse.