nokia phone maker hmd global ceo seiche leaving company after six year stint

Seiche, handset maker Nokia HMD Global, has left the company after six years in business, Telecom News and ET Telecom

Seiche, the maker of Nokia HMD Global phones, leaves the company after six years in business

New Delhi: Florian Sych, CEO of global maker of Nokia-branded phones HMD, is leaving the company after six years in office.

“I am extremely proud of what we have achieved at HMD over the past six years. Now is the time for my next semester as I am leaving my position as CEO of HMD. I want to thank you! Thank you to all of our highly committed and talented HMD employees, my leadership team, the HMD Board of Directors and shareholders,” he said. Seiche on Linkedin.

He added that the company continued to innovate and led the global feature phone market, driven by “classic” Nokia designs.

“Our successes in taking over the smartphone leadership position in South Africa in 2021, winning a strong position in the smartphone market in the UK and USA markets, as well as the enterprise and service sectors are also major milestones, all delivered with great commitment, creativity and execution. Our company makes a difference,” he said.

Seiche exclusively told ET earlier in March that HMD Global is bringing 5G technology across its portfolio globally and in India, and is taking a partner-led approach to making smartphones more affordable, helping drive migration from feature phones.


The company launched the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro at a global price of $599 and $899, respectively.

“One of our main areas of focus is getting 5G deep across our portfolio. Last year, we launched six 5G devices in our portfolio and launched two exclusive models with a US carrier, both of which were aimed at a reasonable price. This allows us to have further expansion. Now in 2022, so you will see this as an important part of our portfolio this year,” he said.

HMD Global recently launched the Nokia X30 5G and Nokia G60 5G, both of which are said to be made from recycled materials.

“The recent launch of Circular, our sustainable subscription service that is designed to reward users for keeping their phones longer with sustainability at its core, shows that we are innovating with purpose across the entire smartphone family,” Seiche said on Linkedin. “As I begin my next semester, I wish HMD all success in the future.”