OPPO Reno8 inspires the smart life of users

Every person desires an easy and advanced life with ease. This is something that users have praised for the new OPPO Reno8 Android device.

From customer reviews analyzed online, there is a feeling that Reno8 promotes independent and productive lifestyles.

Customers strongly believe that the phone offers smooth performance, very fast boots, great screen and camera performance, smart assist, great night camera, very fast charging speed, good battery backup and flawless gaming experience. One user even said that you don’t buy a mobile phone; You buy a camera like Nikon.

So, whether you work at leisure or at work, Reno8 ensures that you stay smart.

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OPPO Reno8 inspires the smart life of users
| OPPO Reno8 inspires the smart life of users

Reno8 is now available in all OPPO authorized retail stores across the country, such as SLOT, Pointek, 3Chub, and others.

Apart from the amazing camera and large storage, OPPO Reno8 provides customers with smart features and privacy protection. Here are some of the reasons why we should jump on this smart life device:

1. Air gestures with freedom of touch

The future is in the palm of your hand. Control your favorite calls and apps with simple, no-touch gestures. It’s perfect for moments like cooking or at the gym, when touching your device might not be appropriate.

2. Privacy protection: for your eyes only

Reno8 comes with state-of-the-art privacy protections that protect your information from eye-rolling. Notifications are folded for privacy; You’ll get password protection that helps find a lost device, and there won’t be any privacy concerns when switching apps.

3. Perfect display, eye-friendly screen

If you have a knack for relaxing on Netflix, Prime, Showmax or other streaming apps, Reno8 is a companion to keep.

Easy to use, smooth, fast and fun, Reno8’s display makes everything in the digital world better. So, if you are into streaming premium content and enjoying immersive gaming, you will definitely feel comfortable knowing that it is easy on the eyes.

OPPO Reno8 inspires the smart life of users
OPPO Reno8 inspires the smart life of users

4. Exquisite design details

Unibody’s new, streamlined design delivers a seamless experience that feels like a masterpiece in your hand. Reno8 comes in two colors –

Downlight Gold – Glossy, rich feel, and fingerprint-resistant, all that glitters is gold with OPPO Glow and the new vibrant color option.

glossy black – Black is always a classic and OPPO Glow elevates it to sparkling perfection. The specially crafted finish is fingerprint-resistant to maintain its elegant look.

With powerful new easy-to-use privacy features, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have the power to control who can see your data and when.

5. Adaptive sleep

With OPPO Reno8, there is no room for interruption. The phone comes with a smart feature that detects whether the user is looking at the phone or not. This feature is implemented by the 32MP selfie camera and the AI ​​sensing algorithm.

The camera detects if the user is looking at the phone. The screen will not turn off while watching.

5. Screen translation

Due to OPPO’s collaboration with Google Lens, Reno8 users can call up the sidebar and use the full-screen translation feature. The translation results will be displayed in a popup. Pictures can also be translated. Google Lens supports non-text translation by recognizing text in images. This feature supports up to 105 languages.

7. Privacy Dashboard

Oftentimes, we are harassed by apps that request and store private information. With Reno8, users can see what permissions apps use in the permission usage history and limit permissions for specific apps to ensure they don’t unnecessarily access private information.

Privacy also extends to the site. Be in control of your location sharing. Reno8 offers two options for approximate location and exact location.

Additionally, when applying for site permissions, a popup requires the user to select an option.

Regarding permission for Microphone and Camera Toggles, when an app accesses camera and microphone permissions, the corresponding icons will be displayed on the status bar.

The corresponding permission popup will appear when you click on the icon. Users only need to tap the microphone and camera icons once in the Control Center to disable the microphone and camera permissions for all apps.

Users can decide whether or not to allow an app to read all notifications. Once granted, the app will be able to read all notifications (including personal information such as contacts and message content), close the notification or turn on the buttons on those notifications.

So, with Reno8, the ability to protect and modify privacy settings is just a click away, simple and stress-free.