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Foxconn quadrupled the workforce at the iPhone factory in India

49731 97442 Foxconn

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Foxconn is said to be planning to significantly increase the iPhone in India, resulting in a quadrupling of its workforce over the next two years.

Facing the severe blow to its revenue from China’s COVID lockdown measures, Foxconn was already moving iPhone production to India. according to ReutersHowever, it currently has approximately 17,000 workers in India, and intends to raise that number to 70,000 by 2024.

By way of comparison, Foxconn reportedly employs about 200,000 workers at its factory in Zhengzhou, China. However, the workers were fleeing this factory due to the alleged conditions there.

Neither Foxconn nor Apple has commented on the move to India, but Reuters He claims that the information comes from two unidentified Indian government officials.

Foxconn originally opened a plant in India in 2019, but it is not known if the facility can be sufficiently expanded, or whether a new plant should be built.