Canyon Electric Roadlite: ON 8 LTD will increase your mobility

Most electric bikes either look very stylish and expensive, snapping up within five minutes of taking them outside, or so lumpy and heavy that you don’t want to see a dead person riding one – but it’s hard to tell Canyon’s Roadlite: ON 8 LTD (£3649, is an all-electric bike.

Weighing in at 15.6kg, it’s very light with e-bikes in use, with an aluminum frame and a new lightweight Fazua Ride 60 engine system that has three levels of assist depending on how much speed you’re going. Breeze gives you a nice but steady boost; The river matches your pedaling power; And Rocket does exactly what it says on the tin, and sticks the proverb into your proverb to ensure you’ll make that huge mound in record time.

You can switch between them using the controls on the handlebars, but there’s also a holder for your smartphone that lets you adjust settings on the go and create different driving profiles via the Fazua app, with a built-in USB-C port to make sure it stays charged.

It’s powered entirely by a 430Wh battery built into the downtube, but it’s removable if you prefer to take it out when it’s time to charge — and depending on how much fun you’re going to have on the ride, that’s probably fine often.