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A guide to buying the best HTC mobile phone under 25 thousand dollars

The best HTC smartphones on the market are under $25,000 right now.

Are you facing the dilemma of choosing to buy your cell phones?

We’ve got you covered.

Buckle up and take a look at what we’ve collected for you. These are HTC premium mobile phones that have many functions and features.

Finding a suitable device can be difficult if you have high requirements but are on a tight budget. And when it comes to finding cell phones, there are many options for you to choose what you really want.

So here we have a list of some great HTC smartphones that are available for less than 25K. Choose your device wisely.

List of Best HTC Cell Phones Under $25,000:

1. Realme 9 Pro Plus

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Realme 9 Pro Plus is the latest and stylish smartphone from Realme Technologies that brings a lot of new features and improvements over its predecessor. Powered by the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 920 processor, this mobile phone has enough 6GB of RAM for a smooth performance. Realme 9 Pro Plus is best for performance-focused users who want a smoother experience whether gaming, browsing the web, or using other intensive apps.

The feature also has a 16MP front camera with AI optimizations for better selfies and a 50MP + 8MP + 2MP rear camera with 4K resolution. The phone’s battery has also been upgraded to 4,500mAh, allowing users to keep many hours of battery backup.

The dual rear camera system is also capable of capturing high quality photos and videos. The battery life is great, you can use the device for long periods of time without worrying about recharging it.

You’re in luck, the device is available at a reasonable price of £23,999.

device specifications:

Screen size: 6.4 inches

Display: Super AMOLED screen

Operating System: Android v 12

Display resolution: 1080 * 2400 pixels


CPU: Embedded Octa-core 2.5GHz and Hexa-core 2GHz processor

Battery: 4500 mAh

2. Xiaomi – Mi 11 Lite

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite HTC

Xiaomi Mi 11 is a device that offers advanced features and performance at an incredibly reasonable and affordable price for someone on a tight budget. With a 6.55-inch display, a Snapdragon 732G chipset, and up to 6GB of RAM, the Mi 11 Lite is perfect for anyone who wants a powerful phone. It’s a great device for budget-conscious buyers.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite also has a powerful processor and a great camera capable of taking great photos and videos. The battery life is also very good, which makes it ideal for commuters or travelers.

The smartphone has a long-lasting battery, which gives you an amazing using experience. The device has an advanced GPS connection as well. Its price is at $21,999.


Display: Integrated with AMOLED screen

Operating System: Android v11

Display resolution: 1080 * 2400 pixels


Processor Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G

CPU: Embedded Octa-core 2.3GHz and Hexa-core 1.7GHz processor

Screen size: 6.55 inch

Battery: 4250 mAh

3. OPPO F21 Pro

Oppo F21 Pro 5G HTC

OPPO F21 Pro is one of the latest Oppo phones and it comes with many new features that make it stand out from the rest of the devices available in the market. It has a 6.43 inch Full HD+ screen with aspect ratio, which gives you the best enjoyment of watching videos.

The phone is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 680. Additionally, the Oppo F21 Pro has a triple rear camera setup that offers 64MP resolution for high-quality photos and videos, 2MP resolution for medium shots, and 2MP resolution for selfies. The device has a smooth performance for your gaming experience. Storage is good enough for anyone on that budget. The price of the phone is 22,999 rupees.


Display: AMOLED screen

Operating System: Android v 12


Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 680

CPU: Built-in Octa-core 2.4GHz and Quad-core 1.9GHz processor

Screen size: 6.43 inch

Battery: 4500 mAh

4. iQOO Vivo Z5 5G

iQOO Vivo Z5 5G htc

iQOO Vivo Z5 5G is the latest phone from IQOO. The device is equipped with 5G connectivity and a lot of other features that will make your life easier and better. The device has a 6.67-inch Full HD + display that provides a great visual experience, ideal for gaming and watching movies.

It also has an octa-core processor that ensures smooth performance and comes with an impressive 128GB capacity, which is not expandable in nature. There are many types of colors you can choose from. Also, it has long lasting batteries.

Although the phone has its wide features, it will only cost you $18,990.


Display: Super AMOLED screen

Operating System: Android v11

Display resolution: 1080 * 2400 pixels


Processor: Snapdragon 778G

CPU: Built-in Octa-core 2.4GHz and Quad-core 1.9GHz processor

Screen size: 6.67 inches

Battery: 5000 mAh

5. HTC One X9 Carbon Gray Smartphone

HTC One X9 Smartphone, Carbon Gray

Featuring a power-core processor and a Full HD display, HTC One X9 is one of the best smartphones HTC has released to date. It has a great selfie camera as well as great photos for any amateur photographer.

This HTC device has an amazing screen resolution which is the best for watching videos without any hassle or lag. It also has a decent storage option for its price range and a long-lasting battery. HTC One X9 smartphone also has an excellent processor and 4G feature.

HTC phone specifications:

Operating System: Android


Communication technologies: 2G, 3G, LTE

Battery: 3000 mAh

Display Features: Wireless

Display size: 5.5 inches

Camera Resolution: 13 MP

Color: carbon gray

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