SPR announced that smartphones are not allowed inside polling rooms


In conjunction with the upcoming elections in Malaysia, the Malaysian Election Commission (SPR) has released a 10-step chart online to ensure proper voting procedures. It was observed that Cell phones are prohibited.

From the picture, it happens in step number six where the voter goes to the polling room. Before going to the ballot box, voters must place their smartphone on the principal’s desk before the ballot papers are drawn. After marking the ballot paper, voters can return to the office to retrieve their machines.

The reason for banning smartphones from this upcoming election is that in the past, former Prime Minister Tun Tun Mahathir Mohamad stated that voters took bribes from the party they voted for. In order to prove the votes, they used their phones to take a picture and send it to the party. Hence, banning the use of phones while voting is intended to reduce electoral bribery.

Here is the translation of the 10 steps to vote correctly on any station:

  1. Enter the polling room with permission from the police station at the entrance to the polling room
  2. Send your IC or voter checklist to the first polling secretary and let him or her check your hands
  3. The First Ballot Secretary will present your identity to the Second Poll Secretary for verification. Make sure your names and IC number are correct when called by the First Polling Secretary
  4. Turn to the second polling secretary and, as directed by the second polling secretary, dip the index finger of your left hand into the election ink bottle. When the index finger is dipped in ink, the First Voting Secretary will put your name on the voter register
  5. Get your Ballot Card from the Third Voting Secretary
  6. Go to the polling room and put your phone on the principal’s desk
  7. Go to the ballot box and use a pen to draw an X in the empty box next to the candidate on the ballot paper. Just choose one filter
  8. Put the ballot paper into the correct ballot box
  9. Go back to the polling room and get your phone back
  10. Leave the voting room once you have finished voting

As a friendly reminder, Election Day will be held in Malaysia on November 19, 2022. Vote for the right people for the right job, and stay tuned for more trending tech news at TechNave.com.