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MIUI 14 throws annoying ads and bloatware as the rumored release date approaches

It looks like Xiaomi’s Android overlay, MIUI 14, will start appearing on November 19, according to a report from China. The release date of MIUI 14 will likely coincide with the launch of a new batch of Xiaomi smartphones, which in this case should be the Xiaomi 13 series. Some custom Android overlay features have already been leaked, but it looks like there are some big changes coming that will please owners of phones that It will support the latest MIUI software.

First, it has been reported that MIUI 14 will not display ads. One of the ways that Xiaomi was able to grow so quickly while staying competitive was by displaying ads in its MIUI operating system. Fans learned to put up with the ads because they were buying affordable Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones that offer similar specs to more expensive devices from well-known competitors. However, it is clear that there is no space for ads in MIUI 14.

Second, in what appears to be another push by Xiaomi to make its premium hardware more palatable to those who might not have thought of buying in the past, MIUI 14 will supposedly be bloatware-free. Besides Xiaomi’s own apps and typical Android/Google software, phones that come with MIUI 14 running on them out of the box are claimed to be spared from having many unnecessary pre-installed third-party apps frequently.

Other minor changes in MIUI 14 mentioned in the same report (from MyDrivers) include a large folder placement to aid interaction between a handheld device and the desktop screen, and several upgrades to utilities such as the clock, weather app, and calendar widget. Some of the major smartphone ranges that are expected to support MIUI 14 (along with the upcoming Xiaomi 13 series) include the Xiaomi Mi 11 lineup, Xiaomi 12, the Redmi K40 and K50 series, and the POCO F3 and F4 phones.

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