HTC survives another month but revenue is down again

HTC keeps alive for another month, but revenue drops again

HTC has survived another month. Hasn’t released new products since June and this is shown in The latest revenue numbers, which fell 15.3% significantly in a typically stronger summer month for the brand.

HTC isn’t quite in the green for 2021

In August 2021, HTC’s revenue was NT$366 million ($13.23 million). That’s stable compared to the previous month, but well below the NT$432 million ($15.62 million) I reported twelve months ago, while HTC could still get back into the green for revenue growth across 2021, with four months remaining. This now seems increasingly unlikely. Under the current situation, HTC’s revenue is down 3.69% compared to the same period in 2020.

September and the fourth quarter tend to be good months for HTC, so its current range of smartphones and VR products is definitely on hold if it wants to live up to expectations.

As for whether HTC will announce any new devices in the near future, recent leaks indicate its launch Cheap android tablet. There are also rumors of a comeback in South Korea, the market it exited from in 2012 due to poor results.