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How Samsung uses redirected fishing nets in its new foldable Galaxy devices

While you enjoy Samsung’s new foldable devices, did you realize that the blue part you see on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is made of repurposed fishing nets?

According to Pranveer Singh Rathore, Material R&D Manager, Samsung Electronics, the blue part, the side switch bracket, basically avoids making your phone waterproof of the side guard and dustproof.

He told the media during the interaction period.

“Because it contains the essential ingredients, it acts as a barrier and is so durable that it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and all kinds of stresses to which they are exposed,” added Rathore.

Samsung has been in the news to repurpose fishing nets and use them in smartphones.

Every year, about 640,000 tons of fishing nets end up in our oceans, posing a serious threat to the marine ecosystem.

Fishing nets are usually made of nylon, which has the primary property of absorbing moisture and water.

“Starting with the Galaxy S22 earlier this year and now with the new Galaxy Foldables and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, we’re working to increase the use of these innovative materials,” the Samsung executive said.

By the end of 2022, “we hope to prevent more than 50 tons of discarded fishing nets from entering our oceans.”

According to Rathore, they have been researching and developing sustainable materials for more than a decade.

“2017 was the time when we started implementing post-consumer materials in incoming mail and in 2018, we applied these materials across all products and chargers. This was when we started developing a new materials solution to replace fossil-based raw materials with fossil-based materials. Bio-renewable ores.

By 2019, the company was able to develop this material, and then we applied this material to A- and M-series smartphones in display frames.

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro contains mostly recycled materials. More than 90 percent of the plastic used in the Galaxy buds 2 Pro is recycled.

Repurposed fishing nets are used in the interior brackets of the charging case, and post-consumer materials are used on all exterior parts of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

“With the Galaxy Watch 5, we also introduced post-consumer material in the ECG and BIA switches, which you can see from the outside,” Rathore said.

By 2030, Samsung plans to create a system in which the minerals extracted from all collected waste batteries can be reused

“By 2030, 50 percent of the plastic used in products will include recycled resin and 100 percent by 2050. The Galaxy Z Fold4 has already been designed to incorporate plastics recycled from discarded fishing nets and other marine waste, and the remarkable success here will lead It will soon be expanded to include additional products,” according to the company.

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