Here’s what we know about the upcoming smartphone

Realme 10 Pro + teased: here's what we know about the upcoming smartphone


Realme 10 PRO

real me On the unveiling of three new smartphones – Realme 10 5GAnd the Realme 10 Pro, and the 10 Pro+, with the latter being the most premium model ever. For starters, Realme 10 Pro + will be the first phone in the company’s number series to come with a curved screen. The company is giving us a sneak peek at the screen and design of the upcoming smartphone as its launch approaches.

Realme 10 Pro + will have a curved screen – 6.7 inches AMOLED panel with refresh rate 120 Hz. Furthermore, the board is said to have a high-frequency dimming of 2160Hz, which is one of the highest PWM ever in the industry. Earlier, some manufacturers, including xiaomiAnd the honorAnd the little bitPanels used with 1920Hz high frequency dimming.

The curved panel will use the COP Ultra packaging process, having a 60-degree gold curvature and a lower chin measuring 2.33mm. The screen is protected by a high-strength secondary glass and has passed the 1.5m drop test.

The company also showed off the back panel of the Realme 10 Pro +, revealing the look of the phone. There are two camera modules on the back, the top has one sensor and the other has two sensors. The camera housings are attached to an LED flash adjacent to the sensors.

The phone uses a dual-mode coating process, which has a prism photocone texture and stardust particles. Moreover, the back provides a 3D appearance due to the nano-scale lithography processing.