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Casio’s G-Shock will raise the bar for timekeeping

Time is not a big concern in the mushroom kingdom. You never see Mario look at his watch and realize he should have had Yoshi at the vet 20 minutes ago, or King Kouba suddenly rushes off in the middle of a fight to pick up a baby stroller from the nursery, but being late in the real world is just plain rude.

Hook up on one of these limited-edition Casio G-Shocks, though it should be pretty easy to avoid keeping Princess Peach or Luigi waiting.

Casio 2

Shockproof and water-resistant to 200 metres, the DW5600SMB-4 (£129, will survive a confrontation with a Goomba or Cheep-Cheep, while Mario’s built-in silhouette in the backlight means it looks like Jump on the green cover at the bottom of the screen when you turn it on.

This isn’t a smartwatch, so don’t expect anything more sophisticated than a stopwatch, countdown timer, and multifunctional alarm clock, but with up to two years of battery life, there might be a new Mario game by the time you die.